Black Ops Operator Comes Forward And Tells All:Cody Snodgres

Today’s Guest: Cody Snodgres

Cody Snodgres

Light On Conspiracies

Choosing The Light – by Cody Snodgres

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  1. This government is so corrupt and evil it needs to be gone

  2. Clintons have been a part of the Bush Cartel. Drugs is their primary money maker. They need cannabis to get the hard drugs moved. Obama is Mr heroine.

  3. sad none of this is the least bit surprising — the foundations of this corporation/country is built on corruption. hopefully this puts into perspective the deep state versus trump to rest — the core is rotten and not worth saving.

  4. Brave Man. More and more people need to come forward! The supreme EVIL of the US Gov and Federal Reserve needs to be ended for good!

  5. Good interview! ! ! !

  6. Becky Goodfellow Chan

    Can we have Cody Snodgres back again? He’s awesome!

  7. God help us all… Excellent Dave.. Thank you so much….

  8. End the CIA!

  9. This is mind-blowing shit!

  10. Dave should of prepared everybody for the change in venue. Even a disclaimer. This might be to much of a truth bomb for most people to handle. I heard about this guys book that is coming out on another program. All you can say is WOW… But it all adds up.

  11. oklahoma city was an inside job, federal government sanctioned, and mcveigh was the patsy.
    corbett report did a great job documenting what went on there:
    it’s a 1 hr documentary, and well worth the time, mind blowing stuff.

  12. Dave…thanks for getting this out. Well done!

  13. I’m looking forward to this. Big thank you to all those insiders who come forward.

  14. Damn Dave !!! Thank you guys !!!

  15. FANTASTIC interview Dave! Thank you for letting your guests just speak freely without barking every 5 seconds like some other hosts

  16. Outstanding interview Dave and Cody. Really enjoyed the eyeopener about Timothy McVeigh, Wako, and Benghazi

  17. Excellent interview ….thankyou Dave for letting Cody speak with interjecting

  18. The interesting part of his story, is how the definition of “our own people” erodes over time.

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