Black Ops 2 Zombies: Die Rise Animated Intro!

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The Animated Intro for the new Black Ops 2 Map Die Rise!


  1. Marlton is robin from teen titans go

  2. Welp russman dies then magically regenerates

  3. No matter what anybody says, I still like the Victis crew and their maps. Yes, even Tranzit. Have some great memories from Tranzit with friends.

  4. I’m like stulinger we then my friends save me

  5. *They kill me if they knew*


  7. I told you that the eyes should be blue samantha!

  8. nobody:
    Stuhlinger at 3am: YoU cAnT jUsT tElL tHeM aBoUt ThE fLeSh
    That demon: haha flesh go brrrr

  9. it’s like a ghost town here

  10. Damn, I really love the sound at 1:19, massive goosebumps

  11. [Vtuber]여우신 미코댄・狐神ミコデン・fox god mikoden

    Why im always hearing misty call stuhlinger to ”stupid jerk”

  12. 1:12 why do I see a lot of under tits

  13. Nostalgia hit

  14. Accept your fate, BEGIN ANNEW!!

  15. 0:36, my sister said she was Rusman because he was so cool saving Stewlinger like that, but then when he “dies” she took it back and we all started laughing. This was a amazing game.

  16. “They’d kill me if they knew…”

  17. This map with the elevators lagging really gets your heart rate bumping

  18. man I love this cutscene

  19. Im really glad that the plutinium version of bo2 allows a mod to do these maps solo. Im really excited to get these naps done

  20. Damn crazy round 1

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