Bitcoin VS Brain – This Is Very Good For Bitcoin (Direct To Video)

Steam is Bullet Club.

I mean, Steam is fine…


  1. Channel Awesome CEOs?

  2. I don’t care!!! BULLET CLUB FOREVER #ALLIN

  3. The day steam has some quality control, that will be the day i get a Nobel peace prize

  4. I want to invest in Sterlingcoin.

  5. This is a typical achievement farming game.

  6. I’d invest in ChungusCoins.

  7. Feels like someone saw that brain episode from Futurama and wanted to make a Bitcoin shooter.

  8. Only the Crypt Keeper understands Bitcoin.

  9. Why am I watching Jim playing a browser flash game from the year 2000 again?

  10. Wow the last thing I expected was Jim-style shade at Channel Awesome; we are blessed this day.

  11. Oh, and this is just a slightly modified Game Maker Studio 2 tutorial. Because of course.

  12. Can we talk about how EA is now selling DLC for DLC?

  13. I have two words: Block. Chain.

    now give me your venture capital money!

  14. those are Minecraft pickaxes, aren’t they? I’m not insane?

  15. So this is why GPUs’ prices are raising.

  16. The “clever” part would be if it’s a cryptocurrency miner that has a shitty game on top as a disguise.
    But that’d be giving Steam Direct trash too much credit.

  17. I just wanted to say that I made a mod for Civilization 5 that adds a civ lead by the Cornflake Homunculus….

  18. When the game is so shallow you run out of stuff to talk about it’s time to start doing bulk/3-pack videos. Showcasing 3+ shallow shite games at a time to fill the ten minutes. Group the games by motif or theme if you wanna get creative.

  19. You reached 10:01 Minutes – Achievement Unlocked!!! 😀

  20. So, does it mine bitcoins in the background??? LOL!

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