Big Problem with Xbox One consoles… WARNING for Xbox gamers!

Warning for Xbox! The new Xbox One S all-digital console has a major problem, it’s not worth the price and could hurt gamers pockets!




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  1. Keep em’ coming champ! –
    P.S get better soon!

  2. yes you might have to buy a new system but if you got your email and your password you get all of your games back in your achievements were talkin about ???

  3. ShaneThatRandomGuy

    Microsoft: makes a disc less console to be cheaper

    Walmart: you thought

    *puts Xbox one s on sale*

  4. You ever fix your ps4 ?love your vids

  5. How’s Champarito (don’t know if I spelt that right) and Gorilla-Man? Lol

  6. In the states there is always good deals in the digital store, I don’t think I would switch to a version without a disc drive though. I buy physical games once in a while when I find a real good deal

  7. What bugged me about the whole streaming xbox is that it’s not much cheaper, they remove the disc drive and yet they still only give you 1tb of memory. Couldn’t give more memory? Still gonna have to drop more coin on an external hdd

  8. Would have made more sense with a 2+tb hdd

  9. click bait video your title didn’t mention it was going to be about the sad edition…we all know sad sucks

  10. This showed up on my Google news. ._.

  11. What’s the big problem Mr clickbait? Common sense isn’t spread around Australia huh?

  12. It is incredibly annoying that your video title is basically just clickbait.

  13. Should be 100 cheaper atleast .. i buy mostly digital games but i still want a disc drive for bluerays an other media.. just a crap idea i think..

  14. I have a Xbox 360, anything wrong with that, Champ Chong??

  15. BlacklightDizzy

    I buy all my games digital….. but I have a shyt load of Blu-rays so I need a disc drive ?

  16. Champ, I actually think it’s a test to see if this sells as it might be in discussion for the next gen of Xbox, I am with u thoe as I prefer physical media….

  17. Soulcaliber 6 is $33 in Australia, but in the US, it’s $20? Bro

  18. Nicole No last name owo

    Lol lets not talk about the fact that I got a new xbox 1s new for 89.99 with free shipping xd

  19. The problem is that it has no games

  20. Wolfgang VonHeilman

    Clickbait tittle, rambling commentary, thumb down

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