Big Empty Sandboxes (The Jimquisition)

are everywhere, and it’s getting really stupid. You can tell they’re happening just to follow a trend as well, since so few games manage to justify actually being .

There are blatant clues found in many of these desolate sandboxes, and we’re going to talk about them and why they’re making videogames rubbish.


  1. Don’t you dare bring up XV Jim…

  2. 1. Check Subscriptions.
    2. Nothing.
    3. Refresh anyway.
    4. Jim Stirling uploaded!


  3. Konami will have 2017 fuck ups in the year of 2017.


    And fuck all the indie devs who cry foul when they are called out for being
    complete shit and doesn’t even come close to be considered as a developer.

  4. Nothing heals a New Years hangover then Jim FUCKING Sterling son!

  5. Big empty sandbox? Heh, that’s what I called my ex-wife’s vagina!
    Hahahahahahaha! I will die cold and alone in an uncaring universe.

  6. Ha! Skyrim having thought put into it. Sure.

  7. Logan “NGMajora” Smith

    Why are people fucking stupid….you’d think by now propel would understand
    you can’t just copyright people because you don’t like being called out for
    being a moron

  8. Its ironic that AAA developers keep failing at open world games when the
    best open world game has already been made by and indie dev studio:

  9. We don’t even have to look at recent games for this. Just look at
    Daggerfall. It still holds the record for the largest map in gaming, yet is
    utterly emtpy.

  10. Thatssomegoodpie Animations

    We could definetelly use more linear story based games.

  11. The Witcher 3:

    Now THATS how you do an open world.

  12. MGSV:TPP is particularly guilty of this.

  13. More quality linear games would be really nice.
    Y’know more great stuff like Uncharted, The last of us and Vanquish? GIVE
    I finished The Last Guardian recently and really enjoyed it. It took me
    about 8 hours and that was 8 hours of gorgeous looking, tightly constructed
    level design. Not every game has to be a 30-50 hour open world where you do
    the same shit over and over again in order to tick stuff off a list.

  14. Uncharted is the perfect example of linearity at work. It keeps the story
    moving at an excellent pace and keeps the game centered on it.

  15. Razamataz Productions

    Jim, that clip was from Stingray not thunderbirds. But I forgive you.

  16. PlanetCreepypasta

    The only games that should be open world are rpgs and rockstar games :p

  17. Watching this and thinking “Well, Breath of the Wild is apparently slated
    for Spring. Let’s see how that’ll go.”

  18. my brother is like that. every time I show him a game, I have to emphasise
    that it’s not skyrim or he will be disappointed because he is comparing it
    to skyrim.

  19. Compare Grow Home and Grow Up, both of Ubisoft’s more niche games released
    one year after the other, the first one was a (mostly) linear platformer
    with objectives crystal clear, the second one looks like a modern Ubisoft
    game, a hundred things scattered across a map with no visual variety, so
    you have to stick a marker on the map and make a beeline toward the thing
    you’re after, completely rendering the point of open world moot.

  20. This proves the phrase Quality over quantity, frankly a linear game with
    much to do is better than open world games that have nothing to do. Do you
    guys agree?

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