Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms Announcement Trailer

Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay is proud to present its first trailer!

Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms is the first planned release from the Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn project. If enjoyed this update, please join our and help us to deliver the release sooner.
We particularly need artists (both 3D and 2D), scriptwriters, coders, voice actors and experienced mod-makers who know their way around the Creation Kit.

Join us:
BS Community Discord server:

Iliac Bay Community Discord server:

If want to help, please use the contact details below:

Filmed and edited by McFearless
Soundtrack by Joao Guerra:

Soundtrack by Alex Catana:

Voiceover by Trendane Sparks:


  1. Arcaan The Arcane

    Wait, so y’all literally have four project teams running all at once to complete these? Y’all astound me with your dedication, providing free mods that make Skyrim so much bigger.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to visiting this region the most!!!! ? You’re doing an amazing job with all those new assets!

    And also, that (btw really good) TES theme version at the end makes me so hyped!

  3. absolutely breathtaking

  4. Enhanced or not, this looks effing incredible.

  5. 2:15 IS THAT ORSINIUM !!!!!!!!!????????

  6. I think it’s just time to call it for what it is… The Beyond Team is an extremely RICH “talent pool” that has too long gone unrecognized by Bethesda (let alone the “gaming world” in its entirety) they’ve not just OUTRIGHT EARNED the Recondition but also earned the reward of monetary compensation for the countless hours of hard work put out into this kind of project…!
    Maybe it’s time to utilize crowdsource organizations like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. to generate the needed budget to not just form a NEW game development company to handle the work load but also start a petition drive to take it to Bethesda’s back and force an “Optioning” (AKA a Fancy Lease Agreement) of the owners rights to the TES franchise and let The Beyond Team do both the finish work for the TES5 universe, but also Also Have “Complete Creative Control” over the development of TES6 and let Bethesda do only the marketing and release for a change…!
    (Yeah I know, “fat chance” but a guy can dream can’t he… ?)

  7. I swear i think beyond skyim team shod make the next elder scrolls 6 instead of lazy bugethesda all so love the music .

  8. Thanks for this! Applied to volunteer. Hoping I can contribute something to this great project!

  9. 9 dislikes are Bethesda devs

  10. Zero Period Productions

    My body is ready

  11. By the hist. What a time to be a fan of the elder scrolls. More content put out by the fans than Bethesda. I still don’t get why they don’t just hire you guys. I think that beyond skyrim bruma’s quests had more depth than a lot of the ones in skyrim, maybe even oblivion. Your work is beyond fantstic.

  12. Holy hell this is awesome! We don’t need Bethesda to make any new Elder Scrolls haha. Just maybe a new engine/revision every 5-10 years. Seriously impressed with the work you guys are doing.

    I would join but doubt I have any skills to offer. I’ll just have to eagerly wait with the thousands of other fans.

  13. Now the game is called The Elder Scrolls V: Tamriel

  14. you guys are the best damn modders in skyrim, the fact you’re making these on a DLC-sized scale is amazing, i give you my salute


  16. Really looking forward to this!

  17. I’d love to see the next elder scrolls game take place in one of the desert regions. Next gen sandstorms in Elswyr would be fantastic.

  18. Who needs ES6 when we’ve got Beyond Skyrim?

  19. I’d like to think that deep down, regardless of the awful business with paid mods and the Creation Club, all of the bad design decisions with Skyrim and Fallout 4, regardless of all of that, Todd Howard and the whole of Bethesda Games are really, really proud of projects like this. It looks amazing and I cannot wait.

  20. “It’s cool Bethesda, we got this.” – Beyond Skyrim

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