Bethesda Showcase at E3 2019 in 15 Minutes

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  1. Aleksandar Lazic

    So Fallout became battle royale, sad…
    But hey Cyberpunk 2077 has Keanu Reeves haha

    • Takumeme have you actually played it? Lmfaoo try it, its not as bad as you think, my cousin has it on PC and you just listen to others too much, for a Bethesda game which are known for bugs its decent

    • @Bryan _350_ yes. I bought it on release and its an insult to call it a fallout game

    • Takumeme its wayy different now. If you gave up on a game and never give it a second chance then a lot of games would have been dead. Its not as broken at launch. But i dont blame you for not trusting. Hell im only paying $10 for it?

    • @Bryan _350_ Bitch please.Fallout 76 is worse than crap.Its a dumpster fire.Garbage.Trash.And fyi I boot it up every week to see if Bugthestard finally finish the darn game , but they don’t!

    • @Jurassic Raptor You mean the “update” that was meant to be part of the game but they ran out of time to put in? yeah sure we’ll call it an update…

  2. Man: Hello… Everyone
    Crowd: (screams)
    Man: Today….
    Man: …we’re going to…
    Crowd:(screams louder)

  3. Bethesda: reveals something completely vague no one truly understands
    Crowd: wooooooooooooooo

  4. Blizzard is kicking themselves for not thinking to have a paid crowd for Diablo Immortal.

    • The mighty One it’s sad it has to come to this..

    • I’m not trying to be such a dumbass but what’s a paid crowd?

    • @Venomous Dragon exactly what it sounds like.

    • Venomous Dragon you punish yourself with your foolishness and words of unadulterated idiocy! The golden one weeps for you!?

    • Well what Blizzard completely fucked up on was not even announcing Diablo 4 at all during the presentation and made it their big title launch for that Blizzcon. When Blades was announced, it was a side project/game and was presented that way. And then they also announced Elder Scrolls 6. Activision just didnt even put effort to try to make the fans happy with what they knew they really wanted.

  5. Ghostwire Tokyo was the only genuine cheer there tbh

  6. That audience – didn’t realize so many people worked for Bethesda!

  7. Bethesda: Generic mobile games and cheat codes
    Audience: woooooo yeahhhhh

  8. To save you all 15 minutes, no, they didn’t say anything about TES 6 or Starfield.

  9. Bethosda: I will kill your families
    That crowd: Yaayy oooh

  10. Why was the crowd so excited over blades lmao

  11. Bethesda Rep: *coughs*
    Guy in audience: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. CitizenErased 17

    I’m gonna have to agree with everyone here, something’s fishy about that crowd.

  13. Bathesda: *Talks about DLC*


  14. I’ll always wait for full reviews before another Bethesda game.

  15. Crowd was acting like spongebob was up there mopping .

  16. 100% paid audience who would clap at fallout 76s new 52 player battle royale

  17. Magnificent Birb

    The one specific hype guy is picking up that huge paycheck at the end.

  18. Bethesda E3 in 1 sentence: Sheeple clapping for mobile games and paid DLC.

  19. Depressed announcer: *”I think I’m going to kill myself”*
    Crowd: *woooooooooooo! Yeaaaaaaaah!*

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