Bethesda Pulls Elder Scrolls Tabletop Adventure Due To Plagiarism

An Elder Scrolls tabletop RPG adventure for the Elsweyr setting has had to be pulled due to allegations of plagiarism. Though it’s hard to just say they’re “allegations” when the evidence is so clear.

The Elder Scrolls adventure looks to be a messily reworded rip off of a Dungeons & Dragons adventure called The Black Road. It’s not even vaguely hidden plagiarism either, it’s almost word-for-word in many cases.

Another bit of embarrassment for a studio that’s become a bit of a laughing stock this year.


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  1. *asset flipping pen and paper* !

    Only Bethesda!

  2. I mean, if you needed more than Fallout 76 and Blades to show Bethesda stopped caring, here you go.

  3. Jim. Please get together a bunch of Game Reviewers for a DnD campaign with you as the DM and live stream it. That excerpt was really good.

  4. Even for recent Bethesda antics, the open laziness on display here is simply appalling.

  5. It’s almost like a canvas bag was replaced with a nylon bag!

  6. “I should do another voice for this”
    You’re already more creative than Bethesda.

  7. Noxious Toxland

    I literally read this minutes before I got the notification. Wow.

  8. shrimpisdelicious

    Bethesda: Yup! Definitely, 100%, our own original work!

    DM: Make a deception check.

    Bethesda: *rolls a 1*

  9. William Sollers

    That writer just ended his career in anything involved in writing

  10. Sam Watson-Tayler

    Remember last generation when Bethesda was one of the most beloved and well-respected studios in the AAA space? It feels so long ago now.

  11. This is not my Bethesda I grew up with with Daggerfall and Morrowind.

  12. crimsondiablos142353

    *Looks up sky as a verb on Google.

    Sky, verb
    Informal: hit (a ball) high into the air. “He skied his tee shot”

    …so the desert air is kicking balls. Seems legit.

  13. Country roads, take me to court, to the place Bethesda belongs.

  14. It’s cool. Bethesda will give the plagiarized parties $5.00 on the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop. And all will be forgiven.

  15. Jim’s narration of the Dungeon master made my evening. I feel much better. Thank you sir!

  16. Zenimax/Bethesda against Hasbro? What were they thinking…lol. Hasbro eat them alive.

  17. edgymemer 42069

    Everything else aside, Jim Sterling as an Argonian is an obvious fit.

  18. TrackpadProductions

    Plagiarism is it’s own evidence.
    -Me, only me, and totally not Jim

  19. Apparently they couldn’t afford writers down in clowntown over there, where they’ve been literally printing money from re-releasing Skyrim 3 times a year for the past nearly-decade

  20. It annoys me that there are so many people out there that would *love* the chance to get paid work writing a tabletop adventure in the Elder Scrolls universe and yet the person that actually did it couldn’t even be fucked trying and was just a sad ripoff merchant instead.

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