Bethesda Mountains Are Shit (Nitpick Theater)

Catharsis. This one was pure catharsis.


  1. This isn’t really a nitpick though, its a genuine massive annoyance.

  2. I like them. I like planning my course around a mountain or through a pass.
    Maybe you need to be more patient.

  3. Alright Guys, I am sorry for being a Asshole in comment

  4. Clearly, I cannot take a lizard person seriously. Very bad climbing skills.

  5. hey, at least there is no god damn motherfucking CLIFFRACERS

  6. I enjoy the mountains. I see them as a challenge. At least in Skyrim you
    won’t get half way up and get mobbed by cliffracers.

  7. i know this is a joke, but seriously jim has a point as someone currently
    working to get not game design it is a very poor use of a massive amount of
    space in their open worlds that strive to be larger and larger. would be
    interested to see if others can think of a good way of using mountains.
    other than using the mountain internally rather than externally like a big
    dwarven city or caves.

  8. get on a horse, it raises your percentage ;)

  9. I am the champion of the Nords, the son of dragons and the conqueror of
    empires! With a mere breath I can hurl my enemies through the air like
    flimsy autumn leaves, with a flick of my wrist I can conjure spirits from
    beyond the realms of man to crush my opponents, with a single strike of my
    mighty fist I can maim eldritch horrors you couldn’t even comprehend. I

  10. Hey in Morrowind I had boots of Blinding speed and featherfall spells and I
    could fucking Jump over those cocksucking Mountains, I wish they didn’t
    puss out and take all those cool spells out of the game

  11. Oooooh, go on Jim, say it once more, say gallute again.

  12. I think you forgot the part where you misjudge a jump when going down the
    mountain, fall 10 literal feet and die instantly.

  13. It’s not really a nitpick if it’s a genuinely annoying issue though

  14. When will I get an FPS open sandbox that lets my character get on his hands
    and knees, produce a couple picks, and climb the mountain like a proper

  15. you see that mountain…..You can climb it

  16. i feel like a better map system that recorded paths would eliminate this
    sort of bothersome timewasting, or at least an indicator for your “nearby
    thingy” indicators that indicates that *this one is reachable!* or that *this
    one’s _*_over a fucking mountain***, don’t bother*

  17. Jim Sterling is climbing a mountain – why is he climbing a mountain?

  18. How about the fact that they are designed to look like *mountains* from a
    distance, but are actually steep rock cliffs.

  19. seems a bit petty

  20. they aren’t invisible walls, they are surface deemed to steep to stand on
    by the engine.
    uness you’re a horse

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