Bethesda Knows It Can Sell Unfinished Crap And Promise To Fix It Later

In an interview with IGN, Bethesda’s Todd Howard admitted they knew that Fallout 76 wasn’t going to be all that hot at launch, but that’s okay because it’s about “what the game becomes.”

Utter crap. This attitude is why awful garbage keeps getting made and sold to people. The idea that you can release a half-baked game and fix it a year later is poison, and it’s leading to customers getting sold a bill of goods.

All that matters to these companies is “engagement” now. Not making a good game. Not making a quality product. Just rope in the suckers and make as much money as possible before the plot’s rumbled.

Screw this nonsense.

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IGN Interview:


  1. “It’s about what the game becomes” is something you say that only makes sense during pre-production and production, TODD.

    WoW Classic was already a complete game when Blizzard released it, TODD. That’s what a successful massive multiplayer game looks like, TODD.

    You’re not even trying to tell us sweet little lies anymore, TODD.

  2. In that case, Todd getting my dinner from the takeaway and having the chef cook it a few weeks later is just fine.
    If Bethesda ran a sandwich shop they would overcharge you for the ingredients, throw them at you and tell ya to F-off .. .. and then politely offer to sell you some sauce.

  3. You lost 5 points for not having the “Sweet Little Lies” song by Fleetwood Mac playing in the background.
    I expected more from you Jim.

  4. Randy Pitchford: I’m the most untrustworthy person in the AAA game industry.
    Todd Howard: Hold my Fallout 76.

  5. I see that most of the “community” that still plays this game are giving thumbs down to this video….48 so far

  6. Saw the other vids on this yesterday, but kept wanting the Jim take on this. THANK YOU!

  7. “It’s about what the game becomes.”
    The game became a lolcow. So, mission accomplished?

  8. THIS is the reason Rockstar does not do many interviews. They fear being exposed. lol

  9. You're doing it wrong!

    thanks for the clarification, todd.

    now i know to never ever buy any of your games within 5 years of launch. i better play it safe and buy it 10 years later during some steam sale for 2 bucks – if at all…

  10. It’s about what a game becomes? How about being a good memory? Leaving a positive legacy?

  11. Take a shot every time Jim says “Todd” 😀

    What do you mean I’m being charged with attempted murder?

  12. “It’s about what the game becomes.”
    Yes, Todd. Of course, Todd. And your game and every controversy surrounding it became the biggest pieces of crap ever released.

  13. AAA Companies: We want you to be engaged!
    Me: Okay. You want people engaged? MAKE A GOOD GAME FOR PEOPLE TO BE ENGAGED IN

  14. I dont think Todd was talking about you Jim lol. He knows gamers of your ilk wont come back but the suckers who bought destiny 2 and came back when the forsaken DLC dropped, or the people still playing anthem who will come back if they ever fix anthem. those type of gamers theyll come back.

    and lets be real here if bethesda does fix the game youll cover it say its better lament how it should have been this from the beginning but talk about how its better. we know you know it .

    Fix it and they will come. I was guilty of this myself. i bought the division 1 hated it 1 year later i was back playing it everyday.

    as sad as it is if you fix it they will comeback..the gaming industry is broken, but gamers are just as to blame for the current state of gaming.

  15. If that’s the case then starting price should be 5$ not 60$.

  16. you dare insult God Howard? (sees Fallout 76) oh god why

  17. Todd Howard: I know from where you’re kneeling, this must look like a 10 Karat run of bad luck. Truth is, The Game was rigged from the Start.
    *Shoots the Fandom in the Face*

  18. To be fair Jim, they aren’t used to this.
    It used to be release trash now, have fans fix later. This is a new concept to them now, that is fixing their games and have to pay people to do it.

  19. its not how you launch its how your community fixes your game
    only you didnt let them do that this time

  20. If the game is not fun, why bother?
    – Reggie

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