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  1. That was beyond amazing

  2. Dislike are because of the exaggerated title

  3. give blue to ahri???

  4. disliked because you took the blue instead of giving it to ahri.

  5. Poor fuckin Ahri, all she wanted was a blue buff

  6. and then u decided to take that blue from ahri, dickhead

  7. why the dislikes this is probably one of the funniest kills ive ever seen

  8. That’s just wrong lol
    Kha’Zix casually recalling BAM wild fucking shen appears and kills his own
    teammate :’D

  9. Reddit disliked brigade, bunch on mongs, no one likes you Reddit.

  10. no you can see on the minimap where khazix died that shit is a bug

  11. Everyone talking about how they took blue, it’s the jungler’s buff not the
    midlaners. If you think you can use it better you should take it

  12. Where’s the fountain view?

  13. I dont even get what happened… Wasnt that just a regular ward jump ult?
    I´m probably missing something so someone cares to explain?

  14. Incredible kick, rubbish title, rubbish reaction, rubbish blue buff
    management. YOU CAN DO BETTER MATE!

  15. Skype group at it again, gg

  16. Hey that’s a great play, you must be re…
    (Levels up abilities by clicking)
    LOL fucking loser GTFO


  18. i ain’t even man

  19. ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ

    By the way you can press shift + enter for all chat instead of typing /all

  20. Skype groups dislikes…

  21. The only thing that bothers me is that he is typing /all instead of using
    the key-comb.

  22. people dislking this….. for no GOOD reason

  23. You are the most annoying swagfag I have ever witnessed.

  24. i cant fucking watch it

  25. Franklin “Jhasper's Bae” Moss Pham

    Keep this comment at a even nimber of likes

  26. Wow….*click* *cick* *click* wow.. OMG DUDE (Shits on eardrums) OMG DUDE

  27. Donovan Galloway

    Im pretty sure that was glitched he had 600 hp and the kick only did 200
    dmg. And there we no assist so somehow 200 dmg killed him

  28. I like how he reacts in chat first and just has a straight face. Then he’s
    like: OK now that I have expressed myself in chat I can do it irl.

  29. You could atleast make a decent video out of it and showed us a cinematic
    of their fountain, oh and disliked for taking blue.

  30. Lol man you should have cut out the last part of your clip, you’re getting
    so many dislikes now since you took the blue instead of giving it to Ahri

  31. mechanical key sounds :v

  32. why would you dislike this probably once in a lifetime play? for a bad
    title? for whatever happened after it? you are all fked up lol

  33. MvmnmmvmnmMVMNMMVMNM MvmnmmvmnmmMVMNMMVMNMMVMNMvmnm


  34. so what was even remotely good about this? You just hit r right as he was
    backing, other than that this clip was shit, enjoy your downvote.

  35. I always come to these videos expecting an amazing play with a lot of skill

    Then the clickbait strikes me.

  36. The title should be renamed to “How to autism”

  37. Dislikes are because dumbasses thinking he kicked Kha and just killed
    him..Open your bronze eyes and look at who he is kickin.

  38. That was beautifull, what;s up with the downvotes?

  39. Niels Eric Calasin

    Just give the fcking blue to ahri! Wtf

  40. tfw oh wait half the people in the youtube comments don’t have reactions to
    sick plays gg obnoxious

  41. the locked camera tilts me

  42. Justin Chevalier

    always surprises me the streamer that get like an orgasm for a play they’re
    doing 😀 I mean it’s super funny but come’on , you don’t have to break our
    ears :D

  43. People using locked camera in 2016 EleGiggle

  44. Lol is that Scarizard, inb4 Lee sin has been disabled

  45. 0:18 PogChamp

  46. >doesn’t include the replay showing kha’zix’s death
    >takes blue as lee

  47. What the fuck does Shen have to be man about…He wasn’t the one who

  48. Kicked him out of fucking existence

  49. calculated



  52. Trevor Patterson

    can you get a of the game?

  53. as you can see, always use a proper title

  54. locked screen :/

  55. Ahri was so happy to get the blue and u denied her :(

  56. The Shen is Riot.

  57. Types /all to all chat and clicks the + to lvl up abilities…

  58. Sick of reddit disliking videos for pointless reasons, it hurts small
    content creators.

  59. Reaction: Scarra level

  60. cringe

  61. Biggest clickbait title. Good god…

  62. lol watsup with the dislikes?

  63. featuring Riot Scarizard?

  64. mis-leading title starting players can do this easily.


  66. Thomas Vanhelden

    Disliked because you took the blue.

  67. Did he kick Shen, and then the knockback hit a low health Kha’zix in their
    own fountain? Just asking because confused.

  68. Great kick, terrible commentary. Mute for a more enjoyable experience.

  69. (GONE SEXUAL!!!!)

  70. Why so many dislikes?

  71. jerks like you who get cocky then take blue, tipping the mid laner.

  72. Even better, that Shen was Scarizard. The one that works at Riot.

  73. i hate this. you suck

  74. Is he on crack?

  75. That clickbait title…

  76. Dislikes cuz of the title

  77. Why is everyone bitching it cause Lee took blue, Just as useful on Lee when
    Ahri already has mana regen.

    Stop bitching and enjoy the clip

  78. Was confused, but after applying my 4-years of college intellience I
    understand now that shen isn’t the person he killed, it was khazix. Your

  79. Why is everyone bitching it cause Lee took blue, Just as useful on Lee when
    Ahri already has mana regen.

    Stop bitching and enjoy the clip

  80. what happened? you q’d the gromp camp while there is no gromp in there

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