Bendy and the Dark Revival: Part 6

Bendy and the Dark Revival reaches its Ending!

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  1. Damn looks like he enjoyed Garten of Banban more than this. Kinda hurts ngl

  2. Mark you should play five nights at f***boys 4 (fan made) i loved your series on the first 3 and i think the 4th fan made on would be really fun to watch and for you to play.

  3. Jesus the devs had too big of an ego for the end bit.

  4. This game has so many flickering lights, it’s mostly just annoying. I’m not even epileptic; it’s simply overdone.

  5. 3:04 i love the random “din i do it-” from the borzoi dog trend 💀💀

  6. if only people listened to distractable they’d get a lot of references

  7. i was suprise to hear the dip voice you did because i have not seen other people then me do it(not including voice actor). No worry tho, it wont break your voice, doing it more help eventually help with the number of time you are able to do it

  8. 17:00 You liar, you bought OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE COFFEE. 15 slugs, 15 slugs for a s l i v e r of health. You failed us 😔

  9. Angel Alice: I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY
    Me: “Steve Rogers?”

  10. Mark: dang this voice hurts me
    Mark: *continues using the same voice*

  11. Can we take a second to appreciate Lixxan for not only telling us when a flashing light warning is coming up, he ALSO tells us the “safe words” to look back on. As someone watching this in a pitch black room, and have sensitive eyes, I appreciate it so much, but I know those with seizures also appreciate it 💜

  12. 23:40 venom???!!! ⁉⁉

  13. you just got frogged

    THE *didn’t I do it*OMMG LOL

  14. The game still has it’s charm, though it can’t get much more then a mediocre score from me. I applaud the effort, and hope them the best in their future endeavors, but as a horror game it simply has too many issues. Despite being an improvement on the first game, the gameplay is very much uninspired and clunky. Still, none of it is offensive, and serves the story well enough

  15. Tawana Jones-Smith

    Is it just me but the deep voice he uses sounds like the the cave of wonders in Aladdin?

  16. I love how mark starts doing his black hat voice at the end

  17. Wilson’s father went on a world tour for some milk😂😂😂 42:57

  18. 3:00
    -for you?”

  19. Too bad he didn’t catch Sammy Lawrence cameo

  20. I’m going to be honest, I didnt really like the this game. It feels way too similar to bioshock in both story in mechanics. And the story itself has a lot of cliches. There were also a lot of things that, as Mark said, feel clunky.

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