Bendy and the Dark Revival: Part 4

Hey look! It’s Joey Drew himself! The Disney wannabee in the inky flesh!

Play Bendy and the Dark Revival ►

Happy Outro ►


  1. His impressions reading the notes is perfect

  2. Hello Markiplier I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to make my own youtube channel and I just want to thank you for having a youtube channel and recording videos it really makes my day you are the not just the king of fnaf but you are the king of fnaf and youtube so again thank you also my youtube channel name is Kniz76.

  3. he brought back shirk. Now we just need la crazy paint.

  4. Omg he has a little xmas hat in the cutscene

  5. Day 6 of asking for unnus annus 2

  6. 16:55 shmeg???

  7. Anarchis the Obsessed Beholder

    Is it me or is the dialogue of this game riddled with instances where the main character seems to have Dory like Memory. Bruh the dude just Homer simsoned through a wall and vanished.. why would you ask how he got in the hotel? Even you have limited teleportation… Audrey feels like an attempt to be a smart independent woman but all her lines are delivered like a blond haired stereotype hahaha.

  8. You guys like my christmas look? 😀

  9. My god, Bendy is such a lame non spooky Game. Whats it even supposed to be

  10. See u in a month for pt 5

  11. This game is bad.

  12. You got to look on-top of the lockers

  13. It’s been almost a day and marks video is only at 3k… What’s going on with YouTube? Like they’re not putting Marks videos out there anymore.

  14. Has he grabbed his first plasmid yet?

  15. When do we hit ghost Joey with a golf club?

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