Belgium: Loot Boxes Are Gambling

Another European commission shares its findings on loot boxes, and the conclusion is harsh. In Belgium at least, it would appear loot boxes are gambling.


  1. I actually get excited about loot box news… 😀

  2. It’s a small victory to be sure, but it’s a welcoming one

  3. Mario G Hernandez

    Loot boxes ARE gambling.

  4. Alex Everett-last

    One small step for games, one giant smack for publish-kind…

  5. I am never sick to death hearing about loot boxes. Until loot boxes are completely destroyed, I will not rest.

  6. Why would you make unlawful something that gives us pride and accomplishment????

  7. Gamers to Battlefront II: You were supposed to destroy the sith, not join them!
    *Battlefront II causes events to get lootboxes to be banned*
    Gamers: Oh.. nevermind, carry on then.

  8. As much as I’m not thrilled at the prospect of governments dictating how we consume games and game related media, the game industy has only itself to blame if further regulation does happen beyond laws against loot boxes and gambling mechanics.

  9. I know people don’t find the Netherlands a very memorable country except for Amsterdam, hookers and weed. But we are definitely not Norway.

  10. Loot boxes are truly fowl.

  11. This is not censorship Jim. Monetization is not an expression, artistic or otherwise. It is an expression of greed, but that’s not protected under any constitution (explicitly)

  12. The Inconceivable Glue Man

    _Triple ayyyyyy_ *gargle*

  13. But how will a poor indie game developer like Activision Blizzard afford to keep the servers running without lootboxes

  14. TLDR EA chickened out with Battlefront and the chickens have come home to roost.

  15. DaThingOnTheDoorstep

    Finally Overwatch gets the scrutiny it deserved for it’s popularisation of this shitty practice.

  16. So, EA basically farted in a crowded elevator and got off the very next floor?

  17. AAA devs should be happy, Belgium gave them a sense of pride and accomplishment via developer choice.

  18. This comment hereby recognizes that I said Norway when I meant to say Netherlands. This will not stop 100 people commenting to say the same thing, however.

  19. I love when you say Triple A but I reach the eargasm when you say Live Services.

  20. Haha! Look at all of the Overwatch fanboys squirm!

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