Beat Hazard – Shadow Operations Unit

beat hazard shadow operations unit

– Shadow Operations Unit is a package that adds custom ships to the fleet, each with different handling, firing patterns and abilities.

Each ship has it’s own set of missions to increase your fleet ranking as well as it’s own leader board to compete with other players. These new ship powers expand the depth of Beat Hazard, and each ship seems to handle a bit differently. Different acceleration, gun speeds, firing arcs and even an auto-aim system that is rather noobish but great when inebriated.

beat hazard ship hangar

The Shadow Operations Unit DLC also adds Steam Workshop to Beat Hazard, letting players design and upload their own ships for other players to enjoy. Although a lot of these workshop ships are odd or fanciful, there are lots of interesting ones to try. There’s a TIE fighter and X-Wing for the Star Wars fans, crazy celebrity heads and a cool Dr. Who Tardis.

beat hazard work shop

The The Shadow Operations Unit DLC lets you edit just about everything for a new ship, so break out the craziest images you have. You don’t need to add it to the Workshop, so you can make your own private Beat Hazard ship if you’d like.

beat hazard ship editor

While the new ships are a nice addition to an already kick-ass game, I was a bit disappointed there were no new enemy ships. Or new bosses. Or new power ups. Or new weapons. While worthwhile, get this DLC in a bundle or sale if you can.

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