Beat Hazard achievement hunting

beat hazard achive

For Monday we’ll be looking at the hard to get achievements in , available only from the Beat Hazard Ultra DLC (totally worth it).

Survive Christmas 20 In Survival Mode last 20 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
This was put in for the Steam 2011 Xmas sale, but you can still get the achievement now by adding a radio station that has the word ‘Christmas’ in it, then beating it on survival mode.
How to add a radio station to Beat Hazard:
1. Find a radio station on Shoutcast and copy the url. (Ex: Right Click a blue arrow and select Copy Link).
2. Edit the radio2.txt file in your local Beat Hazard directory. Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Beat Hazard
3. Paste your url from step 1 and save the file.
4. When you restart Beat Hazard the radio station should appear for play under Internet Radio. Note: At first select it will need a few seconds to sync the new radio station.

Reflection Reflect 150 projectiles with 1 Shield burst
Once you realize multiple shield uses can be chained together in one burst this because rather simple. Have lots of shield charges saved up and wait for lots of projectiles on the screen before starting your chain, then move through as many objects as you can without shooting until this unlocks.

A Real Mine Sweeper Hit 50 mines in one track without losing a life
This achievement refers to the Miner ships that lay magnetic mines. If they hit you you’re unable to shoot for a few seconds. Some waves start with Miner ships, so run into the mines fast and for as long as possible before having to disengage and defend yourself from other ships. Try to keep the Miner ships alive for last if you need to run into more mines.

Ultra Beam of Death Kill 150 enemies with 1 Ultra Beam blast
Picking up the Ultra Beam perks first makes this achievement easier. Just like shield, Ultra Beams can be chained together in one blast. Hold fire until the screen is filled with ships then start your Ultra Beam chain in one continuous blast, spinning around until you kill 150 enemies.

beat hazard achive

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