Battlefront II Raises In-Game Rewards To Patch Its Gaping Loot Hole

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We can take this as an admission that Battlefront II held back its rewards to make more enticing.

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  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    I still won’t buy it.
    They will add it back in sooner or later.

  2. Battlefront 2? Never heard of her

  3. “It’s just cosmetic! Lootboxes are fine, they’d never affect gameplay in any negative way!” – Typical gamer defending MTX

  4. I’m still keeping my ass far as possible from this piece of shit. And so should others.

  5. Base games
    Expansion Packs
    Loot Boxes
    Battlefront 2

  6. What more perfect example can there be of microtransactions having a negative impact on gameplay though? I guess we can thank EA for that much, at least…

  7. Didn’t Ea literally lose billions because of this?

    Hopefully they learn

  8. Dr. Badguy Reviews

    And Shadow of War is introducing Online Arena mode. So you know, you can show off your shiny paid for Micro-transactions and Online Competitiveness never makes people wanna pay for an advantage.

  9. John Christian Basiloña

    You know what this all looks like?

    Applying a bandage to an already decapitated body hoping it will heal…

    punching a guy so hard it dislocates his jaw and then saying “It’s just a prank bro!”

    getting kicked off from the board of trustees in a company YOU started and the upstart who instigated it says “No hard feelings eh?”

    it’s too late EA…the damage is done and I guess the gamers will be leaving…so cry me a river while I play the smallest fiddle in the world…The violin is a DLC…

  10. I really like EA Games. Theyve given Jim so much to talk about I cannot remember the last time we had so many videos!!! 😀

  11. It’s sad to see how EA ended up, they have a lot of great IPs and now they are going to be completely abandoned or made into a cash grab. It will take some drastic changes in the industry to see another good Mass effect or C&C, most likely never 🙁

  12. They are in retreat! March on victorious troops, for their capitulation dawns.

  13. Oh battlefront, just go away and die you steaming pile of trash

  14. They already lose 7mil billions, i think…….let that hate keep on going

  15. They should just give up on this game and move on to ruining Anthem for everyone so I can laugh at all the suckers buying that.

  16. We just wanted a good Star Wars game EA.

  17. I played Battlefront II (2005) recently, great game.

  18. I still get a kick out of SWBF2 defenders. Spending $60+ on a psychological microtransaction clustafuck and defending their decison to justify their ignorance. Classic ‘bro’ gamers.

  19. Even after ‘Significantly Increasing’ the amount of credits you earn after a match, it’s still not even close to the credits you earned in the last battlefront! Fucking hell EA…

  20. Just like the original Death Star, EA forgot to fill that one hole.

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