Battleborn Is Officially Dead As 2K Announces Server Shutdown

Yes, Battleborn was still alive!

The notoriously failed hero shooter is finally being put out of its misery by 2K Games, with news that the game had been yanked from storefronts and the servers are shuttering in 2021.

You can no longer acquire the game from digital stores, and purchasing of the virtual currency will be disabled in February of 2020.

Shame. I really did like it.

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  1. legit forgot about this game until i saw this announcement.

  2. Wait wait wait, The servers were still up?

  3. Post mortem of Battleborn: a day late and a dollar short.

  4. Well

    It lasted longer than Lawbreakers, I suppose.

  5. It’s more surprising to me that this was still running.

  6. I thought this died a long time ago!

  7. I honestly liked battleborn. x:

  8. I remember a review that went something like “Its a slower just as weird multiplayer Borderlands.”
    I think unfortunately their marketing followed the same trend. Shame really.

  9. This is why I love old singleplayer games. I get to own the physical copy, and the game I bought can’t just disappear because the owners can’t keep the servers running

  10. You heard it here Jim said he would buy the rights to battle born that means in internet legal territory he must do what he has proposed! Go get em Jim!

  11. How sad that I was so happy when this game came out and bought it on day one, and played it not knowing what will happen to it, I had so much fun in the PvE and would’ve dabbled in PvP if its playerbase lasted longer than a carton of milk… What a shame.

  12. As much as I love the development potential of Gearbox, I always like seeing Bitchfart get his johnny slammed in the door over and over again.

  13. Lets have a Kickstarter to help Jim get the rights for Battleborn.

  14. I really liked Battleborn, I put almost 300 hours into it. But like said in the video, I could not find a game after a little bit.

  15. So between Battleborn and Evolve that’s two live services by 2K that are officially dead
    In all seriousness I really liked Battleborn I wish it did better and I hope it gets a second chance someday

  16. “At least you you had a chance at life.”
    – The Culling II

  17. I remember Battleborn, it’s that game that was a lot more fun than overwatch.
    But didn’t have as much porn. Which was clearly it’s downfall.

  18. “Do you remember Battleborn?”

    Not really.

  19. Why would I ever risk spending money on a “live service “ at this point?

  20. “Oh yeah, that.”

    -Literally everyone hearing about Battleborn

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