BATTLE ROYALE TRAINER – Top Tier Rated PUBG Expert Gameplay (Direct To Video)


  1. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to jump on a bandwagon….

  2. *Here before 1 million subs*

  3. oh.. confederate flag huh

  4. Jim this is great, now you can sell out and be the best pub-guh player!

  5. Poorly Made Dog Videos

    i’m just gonna buy this and skip all the battle royale games. i’ve beaten the system.

  6. 2018 GOTY already??

  7. This is like a bad port of Delta Force with newer graphics 😀

  8. Best part is the game legitimately looks like PUBG at moments and runs just about as well.

  9. Politician Cranberry

    i play pubg to train for this tbh

  10. WTF this game is more polished than PUBG. lol
    Actually this game is kind of creepy…

  11. This is THE funniest Direct to Video I’ve seen for a long time, great job Jim! Hahahah, the commentary… Absolutely hilarious

  12. Actually not the worst idea but clearly not executed very well, I could easily just play some other shooter to up my reaction time and aim.

  13. One may as well just buy an Arma game and play the single-player campaign.

  14. Honestly if they polish the game I’d happily pay like 4 quid for this or something. The issues of this game are pretty much in PUBG anyway so it’s actually somewhat useful

  15. 4K PS2 Games PCSX2 and other emu's

    4:40 That’s how PUBG works though. Only it gives you a visual indicator of when you’re going to hit the wall unlike this game.

  16. Jim you are getting 999999 subscribers and not 1 more!

  17. The other 39 PUBG players had clearly completed the Battle Royale trainer on medium difficulty.

  18. I couldnt stop laughing for the last 5 mins.. pure comedy genius!

  19. “Our PUBG clone turned out pretty shit so we repackaged it as a training game to still try and cash in on the fad” the game.

  20. I blame the character name. Boglinboy is a name fit for that ending, chungus would have at least got you shot

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