Batman: Arkham Knight New Game Plus Walkthrough 2 – Ace Chemicals

This is a full walkthrough for Batman: Arkham Knight on New Plus difficulty. It has full and should help those struggling with Gotham’s most recent malady. I do inherit equipment and upgrades. Enemies will be arranged in more challenging ways much earlier and the counter symbols do not display.


  1. I’d say sorry about your project, but that isn’t going to restore the
    corrupted files. I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I might
    move on.
    Your Evil WIthin guide was so popular because people saw you doing an
    already hard challenge without upgrading. They said to themselves, if he
    did it without upgrades, I can do it with them. It was a good incentive to
    get people to try to beat Akumu mode.

  2. Sir Knight Surefire Tactics

    The lack of Challenge maps in this game is what really kills Arkham Knight
    for me. The Combat and Predator challenges were IMO the best part of City
    and Origins because you could just beat the shit outta people and it was a
    good time. Knight had way too many different types of challenges and most
    of them aren’t that fun or enjoyable.

    • +Sir Knight Surefire Tactics There’s tons of AR Challenges with different
      stipulations that make it very tough yet very rewarding to go for 3 stars.
      I’m not sure what more you could’ve been expecting.

  3. I saw your tweet about having recording issues, really sucks. Hopefully you
    can come up with a solution that doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind
    repeating the game twice; the batman guides are really enjoyable despite
    not being a fan of the arkham series (yet somehow owning all of them)

  4. What’s with all the dislikes? I don’t understand 

    • BieberSucksCock100

      +ains green How stupid does one have to be to not understand that making
      several accounts and disliking is ultimately just giving him more views. lol

    • +Joshua Boyd Seeing as all of the videos he just uploaded have 10 thumbs
      down, I’m guessing salty bitches

  5. Sucks to hear about your recording problems. I wonder if you enjoyed the
    Arkham Knight reveal, or if you thought it was too predictable?

  6. Is it just me or is batman the clunkiest and most cumbersome he has ever

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