BAJOMON DESTINY – Pink Penis Hands Pokemon Party

Catch Some Of Them!


  1. Game: Destiny
    Thanks YT

  2. Why does this remind me so much of space station silicon valley

  3. I just keep hearing “vagimon” and it’s proper disturbing.

  4. What? This isn’t Destiny?! What the fuck Youtube? I feel mislead :l

  5. hello, just made a discussion on whether this game will be sued by Nintendo
    or the Pokemon company on steam, so place your bets!

  6. hello, just made a discussion on whether this game will be sued by Nintendo
    or the Pokemon company on steam, so place your bets!

  7. Chewable Arsenic Candies

    Isn’t there already a free fan-made 3rd Person 3D Pokémon game? As in, it’s
    actually a fan game and isn’t going to try and sell itself?

    Also as someone else mentioned, these Fakemon seem to be taken from actual
    fakemon on DeviantArt. At least, from the quality of the images (fakemon
    creators can be quite talented, and good at emulating the Pokémon style.)

  8. wow, so is pokemon go’s success going to inspire a bunch of hack frauds to
    start making pokemon clones now?

    maybe one of them will at least be decent.



  9. Their code was good enough to be invited at the Game Development
    Championship !!! that says something … not sure what though

  10. I like how this got flagged as a Destiny video.

  11. This looks so familiar…….

    I don’t understand why Valve / Steam doesn’t hire a team to review all
    games. They make so much money with Steam, they could easily afford it.

  12. According to youtube, this game is Destiny.

  13. they seem like good fan Pokémon that the creator used

  14. CrusherTechnologies

    Anyone else concerned about the Game Development World Championship is
    trying to recruit this guy?

  15. Better than Pokemon Go.

  16. Game: Desiny. What?

  17. “This game was inspired by Pokemon… You DON’T FUCKING SAY!” XD

  18. You may want to look up Smiley Fakemon on DA. A lot of these look like his
    sort of work, so there’s a fair chance the nicely-drawn assets aren’t the
    original work of this game creator.

  19. More like Lowbudgetmon Destiny.

  20. thumbnail says best but this is worst of steam greenlight if im not

  21. it hurts

  22. Valo - Bringer of Light

    The art is Fakemon. Fan made Pokemon designs that are on the internet. I
    know some pokemon inspired games have actually bought a licence from the
    artists to use them but I doubt this dev has.

  23. Wise Sage Bum/ Becoming Molehill

    are the assets stolen from the geopets guy?

  24. Chimpokomon!

  25. lmao at Bungie claiming this video is about their game because the word
    “destiny” is in the title

  26. so….pokemon go simulator then

  27. “I dont know what the fuck this, its probably destiny” – youtube gaming

  28. 2:25
    Down in the comments, I’ve been seeing those “Game Development
    Championship” a lot around various greenlight pages, all asking devs to
    enter some sort of competition… are these guys legit or are they a sham?

  29. *checks description*

    Game Destiny


  30. so wheres my bajomon go

  31. Footage of a game that rips off Pokemon.
    Youtube identifies it as a Destiny video.
    Computers are so smart, you guys.

  32. Some of the models were decent. Most were garbage

  33. So, Im not going to say this is good, not in the slightest, but, there’s
    one thing that was said that I kind of disagree with. This dev shouldn’t
    stop trying. Look, of course this greenlight is terrible, and there’s no
    reason not to downvote it, but there is something to this idea. Yeah, it’s
    a rip off, but the art style shows promise. Sure, when it goes to 3d it’s a
    mess, but with enough feed back, Im confident that he could learn to do
    better 3d art. He just needs to scrap it and try again. I mean, Im being
    optimistic, but this isn’t the worst attempt we’ve seen on steam green
    light, and some effort is visibly here. I wouldn’t say this about a dev
    pushing out another asset flip. If any of it is flipped from someone else’s
    fan art or assets, I’ll take it all back, but as it stands, I think this
    guy should continue to try, it’s a fair first effort. (Shouldn’t of assumed
    gender, too late to edit, apologies.)

  34. Well the trainer character is cute? Lol.

  35. Lol, youtube marked the game as destiny.

  36. Published on Jul 23, 2016
    Catch Some Of Them!
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    Standard YouTube License

  37. The Destiny dlc keeps getting better.

  38. Bajomon: catch some of them.

  39. Sasaki (Sasaki Kojiro)



  40. so does jim just not do research anymore? Kinda annoying to hear this
    scumbag getting any praise at all for whats been done here.

  41. When Chinese bootleggers has a higher standard and more quality control
    than steam greenlight, you have to do something.

  42. Can’t wait for Bajomon GO

  43. game:

    thank utub

  44. Couldn’t help but hear “Vagimon”

  45. love how this game is destiny.

  46. Wow, the Pokemon MMO looks great.

  47. Bajomon – Gotta catch me some !!

  48. waw

  49. SubliminalMinstrel

    So, games are not subject to copyright law? Cause this looks like a lawsuit
    waiting to happen. Seems like they sue people who are doing nothing wrong,
    and ignore the real lawbreakers.

  50. I like how Youtube thought this games was Destiny.

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