Bad Guy Simulator (Crazy Waifu & Officer Piggy attack)

#H2ODelirious #baby #funnymoments


  1. Nia-馃挅 饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝馃敒

    Hey, wait a second this footage looks familiar o yeah now I remember it was from a cool stream I saw a couple of days ago. Also, this might be the most chaotic & confusing game I’ve ever seen & I enjoyed every minute of it haha.

  2. H20 delirious can you play upgun with your friends?

  3. Rebbecca- 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶

    This is so chaotic, I had no idea what was going on most of the time but I loved it!!

  4. Two Player with VANOSS

  5. Where HE edits his videos? Doesn’t he have an editor

  6. Demonic Survivor

    Lol, when that guy dropped a bomb I already knew this town was out for blood xD that little moment also reminded me of mission impossible for n64 and ps2!or 3

  7. “AAAAAAH! SHE’S BACK!” was the best line XD

  8. Just curious, Delirious’s in game photo looks like a Delirious Dashi is that on purpose?

  9. For someone who lives in a bad neighborhood its such a good house

    This game must have a having sex option

    Why are you playing a shooting game with a controller not a mouse?

  10. Bro that was funny

  11. I miss the random horror gameplays, its sad that he doesnt play horror anymore

  12. 7:00
    Delirious: EQUALITY!!!!

    Me: Seems someone has been watching Konosuba 馃憤

  13. What is this for a thumnail

  14. -____-

  15. That Liz Kick Him In The Nut Sack 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃ぃ Because Delirious Won’t Take Out The Trash 馃棏锔

  16. on today’s episode of wtf game has Delirious found 馃槀馃槀

  17. Hibiki gamer vlogs

    I love this video there should be more video of this again

  18. U should play the quarry!! I love your horror games!鉂わ笍

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