Baby Huggy Wuggy Is Canon?! (Poppy Playtime) #shorts

Friends, did you notice this in Project Playtime? These Baby Huggy Wuggy figures are scattered ALL around the map. Are they just set decorations, or is there more of a meaning behind them? Well, strap in folks, because I think I know their TRUE meaning!
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, and Taylor “Swag Dracula” Bailey
Editors: Dom Sealion
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
#PoppyPlaytime #ProjectPlaytime #HuggyWuggy #poppyplaytimechapter2 #poppyplaytimechapter3 #PoppyPlaytimeLore #Horror #Scary #Theory #GameTheory #Matpat


  1. FnaF 2 baby

  2. Day 2 of asking MatPat to a video on the war thunder cinematic universe

  3. Bro can make anything canon

  4. Hyperbolic Paraboloid


    Huggy Wuggy


  5. The fact there is a official baby huggy wuggy plushie

  6. Omg they are so cute

  7. When I saw the title I thought it would be another in the flesh situation

  8. Theodora Chiriloiu

    Hello, you showului do a theory on minecraft fangs. For example what they are and a backstory.

  9. I have a theory: project playtime is canon.

    Maybe project playtime is showing what happened all those years ago when all the workers go missing and the human kill the ones that don’t appear in poppy playtime

  10. Babby Huggies just be having fun on set, since they’re toys to play with…. Nej its the _Lore_ (Kekw) Wonder what more hidden clues they’ll give if they show up again. Intrresting observation, Keep it up Bro 🎮 😎 👊

  11. That creepy

  12. Elizabeth Calvert

    I know MatPat hates the YT shorts but I love them.

  13. Welcome to the game theory

  14. Can you do mr. Freeman it has very bad language

  15. This was absolutely lovely but I have a very simple question. Why was the music so loud?

  16. Bro is slightly sped up

  17. me who thought it was like one of those old fortnite jokes with teddybears :


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