called it then delivered like a fresh pepperoni pie 😀 — Watch live at


  1. He got some after that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. He gave her the “you better suck my dick now” look at the end

  3. The look in his face after he does it “Yeah bitch what i say”

  4. hi this is sparkles, can you sent me the demo please so i can get free
    views and money? thanks

  5. How to revive your marriage 101

  6. KnowMadFam Official

    Do it while sucking your own dick and I’ll be impressed.

  7. that was 8 seconds scammer

  8. Hahaha This is amazing, your reaction is like you do this 10 times a day xD

  9. Man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. For dat women attention Kappa

  10. There is a reason why the video was cut too soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. so sick man, give us the deeeeeemo haha!

  12. Didn’t know Nicolas Cage knows how to play CS

  13. the power of the grill.

  14. she got the D that night

  15. after that he is gonna get some pussy believe me the end he gave that look.
    i was like “its over”

  16. lmao at the end he watched his gf like : i told u bitch

  17. alpha

  18. how to impress girl 101

  19. Estermont Sinclair

    he got so much pussy that night.

  20. Misleading title. Reported.

  21. if this video was a minute or 2 longer, it wouldnt be on youtube

  22. Drewith Careyium

    I was watching this and as it got closer to the end of the video im like
    guess hes just gonna get JUAND but OMFG I was wrong

  23. wtf this video had 300 views a day ago; robwiz normally gets like 30 stream
    viewers on average now the dude gets 150k views on this vid in less than a

  24. 100 PERCENT he got laid after that….. didn’t even finish the game. Went
    to go finish his girlfriend

  25. he’s getting laid.

  26. The video ended early because he immediately got laid after that

  27. cant count seconds but can ace…..


  29. This is the most important video i have ever watched

    jk nice

  31. Duffy ★ CS:GO & More! ★


  32. can we get a mememix of this?

  33. holy shit nice job

  34. Holy shit.

  35. WTF?! dude that’s awesome!

  36. love how he just looks at her at the end like “yeah and now im gonna smash”

  37. Dude literally got laid for the next 3 weeks straight.

  38. sick brro

  39. except it’s more like 7 seconds

  40. He was on that spicy mustard if you know what I mean ;)

  41. what.. in.. the.. fuck..?

  42. Plot twist for all ya lovely folks: He’s gay ;)

  43. OMG. Animosity Rob-Wiz is backkkkkkk? thought he turned hs

  44. doesnotafraidable

    still the canadian sensation
    20 years later

  45. cut the video short because cockgobbling commenced immediately afterwards

  46. How the h*ll come you don’t have more views. That was epic

  47. #tbt Sub Games lol rip….. Rob is one of the best to do it and to continue
    to do it on a daily basis.

  48. who else thought it was hazed?

  49. Destin(y) Sucks Balls

    Aaaand this is why I don’t play Counterstrike.

  50. did it for his gf…

  51. Lasse Från Tensta

    someone is getting laid.

  52. Nicolas Cage? is that you?

  53. RobWiz doing RobWiz things…..

  54. Rob im so sad i had to stop my sub after 15 months D: <3 u man

  55. OH SHIT..


  56. Uzair Djillali Yahud

    AWP is OP fucking hate people that use it almost 0 skill required

  57. the look he gives to the grill at the end like “told ya bitch, what are you
    waiting for, suck it”


  59. 8 seconds*


  61. Nice eco round. Silver.

  62. Holy shit

  63. JustOneOtherGuy

    Damnnn gj dude!

  64. learn how to count that was light years longer than 5 sec

  65. cod4 legend in reddit top page playing csgo suh dude

  66. 1 like and ill kill myself

  67. Oh my fuck.

  68. нос чешется

  69. confidence!

  70. 15 seconds*

  71. Pure Absolution

    hmm.. How did he get a gf tho? thats the real question

  72. Ethan Bradberry

    eco ace…doesnt count.

  73. Hack in order to impress your girl. Sad as fuck.

  74. Your Are Fuckign Hacker Stop THis And Delete Video

  75. I always miss the good shit in you’re stream

  76. I always miss the good shit in you’re stream

  77. Holy shit rob

  78. Good job

  79. how had i not seen this wtf

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