Attack Of The Gigant Zombie VS Unity Chan – Steam Is Fine (Direct To Video)

Steam still finds a way to surprise me sometimes. Not always for best. Oh, and I spelled the game’s correctly in video title.

zombie is genuinely “gigant.”


  1. Yeah baby!!!

  2. Unity waifu

  3. Wow… I’ve actually made a game for a school project with Unity Chan. I think we actually managed to represent her better than these devs did

  4. This hurts.

  5. Orchid Snow-Crystal

    You HAVE to try VRchat
    It’s an amazing stupidly funny chatroom (you don’t actually need a VR headset to play, so yeah the title is a bit misleading)

  6. Lol… I have literally seen all of the models in that game used in VRChat.

  7. This game makes the world in NieR: Automata look pre-apocalyptic.

  8. I wonder if the not-Mario jump sound will cause a copyright strike somehow.

  9. It’s like they’re purposely releasing these to piss you off.

    Or to show how bad Valve’ s quality control still is (if they had any)

  10. She really is the new face of Unity.
    You can tell by the fucked up physics and animations.

    Also old news Dalton Castle is incredible

  11. you didn’t read the scraps of paper, it said middle mouse button to move camera

  12. I don’t know what a camara is, but thanks to this game, I do know how to move it.

  13. There’s a typo in the video title, that’s not how the game’s name is spelled.

    It’s actually Atack.

  14. everytime I watch one of these I get more and more tempted to “make” one of these asset flips. maybe I can make some money for being a lowlife shitbag.

    _sigh_ who am I kidding that’s too much work just for a joke.

  15. I’m 90% sure Unity-chans License forbids its use in commercial project as well…so maybe this dev can be sued?

  16. Unity Chan, The New Best Waifu! (they wish…)

  17. That Eric Black guy started harassing me on Discord and YouTube as well. He cray-cray.

  18. On the algorithms topic, I selected “Not interested” on most the AAA games. Now I only get asset flips.

  19. I got way too into that music.

  20. Attack On Titan Season 3 doesn’t look good

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