Ashen – The Dark Souls Of Dark Souls (Jimpressions)

Ashen isn’t trying to hide the fact it’s exactly Dark Souls. It’s Dark Souls, people! And that’s… fine?

Perhaps the best Soulslike ever, Ashen understands From Software’s formula better than many other pretenders.


  1. Supermassive Gaming

    But is it the Bloodborne of Dark Souls?

  2. When I first saw this I thought you meant “Stuart Ashens”

  3. And no ashens jokes yet ? For shame.

  4. I can’t believe they finally made a video game based off of the famous Internet personality Ashens!!

  5. It really makes you feel like Dark Souls.

  6. Dark Souls devs had to see this coming, that other companies would steal From their Software

  7. So when do you review tat on a brown sofa in this game? ex deeeee funneeeee

  8. Can you play as Stuart Ashen?

  9. I find your lack of face disturbing

  10. Pity it’s being locked behind yet another launcher/DRM solution/walled garden. I’ll play it when that situation changes.

  11. (I know we had Wolfenstein 3D beforehand but…) Remember when DOOM came out and we had a billion “DOOM-clones” until the FPS genre came into its own? Sort of reminds me of back then with all the Dark Souls-esque games these days.

  12. Souls without fashion? what is this Causal trash.

  13. Dark Souls really made a impact on the gaming industry, eh? They really created the way for these type of games. Ain’t complaining, we need more hard games.

  14. I think nioh takes he souls like crown for me

  15. “No Fashion Ashen” – 7/10

  16. feel like i’ve already played this game a million times. no thanks.

  17. Don’t you mean souls? Someone’s been playing a lot of Dead Cells.

  18. I probably won’t play it because I don’t want another game launcher giving me multi dimensional messaging.

    Plus the privacy issues with Epic is really concerning topping it off with 40% ownership by tencent which is absolutely wild with consumer exploitation in Asia.

    And thanks Jim you have saved me many hundreds of dollars with non biased reviews over the many years.

  19. The Dark Souls of the Dark Souls of Dark Souls.

  20. So it’s on the precipice between being Soulslike and Soulslite. I’m gonna be honest, I am totally ok with this being a thing. While the hopelessness and despair of Dark Souls has its intriguing taste, the hopefulness of rebuilding the world seems to lend something ever more appealing to Ashen. Combined with having a partner with you who’s always there to help you out, hope and rebuilding certainly seem to be big aspects in this title.

    Yeah, I think I’m going to get in on this. Another solid-looking title pushed by Annapurna (the guys what published Gorogoa, Donut County, and What Remains of Edith Finch). I wonder if VaatiVidya will have anything to say about this game?

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