Artifact Weapon Retirement Cutscene (SPOILER)

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Do note that this is incomplete–it is missing encrypted voice over lines, and any/all details are subject to change before 7.3.5 goes live. Also, spoiler warning.


  1. Question is. How much AP will we get from that.

  2. Bit anti climactic

  3. I would rather let Azeroth die, than give up my Scepter of Sargeras…


  5. Seems unfinished

  6. not seeing how this makes us give up the weps.

  7. God damn it!!! She stole my Twinblades!!

  8. I can only imagine what Aluneth would say to you before you use the staff one last time

  9. But what about my girlfrien- I mean! My shadow priest knife?

  10. xal’atath is either going to be thrilled to bring in so much corrupted power, or be nearly destroyed and be a wee bit unhappy.

  11. all i can imagine is someone holding up a feral druid to be absorbed while the druid is like “No please, i can just change back”

  12. So… The other artifact holder became too lazy and sent their champions to do the job.

  13. D I S A P P O I N T E E E E E E E E E E E E E D !

  14. Makes no sense Aluneth xal’atath and thal’kiel would abandon their wielders before this happened

  15. “Drain the power champions so I can give you a similar grind in the form of a necklace!”

  16. Important question: CAN I STILL KEEP ODYN’S FURY? That’s literally like almost half of my rotation.

  17. So the Ashbringer is now twice corrupted. Cool.

  18. It’s simple we will use our secondery spec weapons so we can keep one for main :>

  19. Erik Le Blanc Pleym

    MM hunter: Oh no! My sunwell infused bow!

    Frost DK: Oh no! My shards of Frostmourne!

    Shadowpriests: Oh no! My servant of the Void cursed to be a weapon!

    Arcane mage: Oh no! My literal arcane god contained within a staff!

    Survival Hunter: Oh no! My… spear. Oh well.

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