ARMS – Introducing Dr. Coyle – Nintendo Switch

Meet Dr. Coyle! The newest fighter in ARMS, only on Nintendo !

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  1. Arms needs to be a cartoon would be sick!

  2. If we could get a story mode showing how all these characters interact, Id be much more interested in this game…my sister loves it tho

  3. *Zarbon Mode Activate!*
    Move over Twintelle, There is a new Girl in town who is *T H I C C*


  5. She looks like mrs Frizzle from the magic school bus

  6. Skedaddle, skidoodle, my dick is now a noodle

  7. ARMS really needs a story mode at this point since we need to explore the backgrounds of characters more deeply and have more of the lore revealed

  8. Master of Catastrophe Ballyhoo


  9. Did Nintendo just one-up Moira? Yes, I believe Nintendo just one-upped Moira.

  10. That theme music though!!! EPIC!

  11. Now, that’s how you introduce the villain character!

  12. I hope, no pray, her first name is Tessa.

    Then she would be Dr. Tessa Coyle.

  13. ARMS is alive

  14. What your robotics teacher does after ending class

  15. Arms needs a story mode. This character seems awesome but I have no passion for the property…

  16. Hmmmm…
    A mad scientist with the combined insanity levels of the Joker and Harley Quinn……
    This will be good…. ??

  17. Okay im 99% that this character is the one behind the creation of headlock,i mean,she is an evil scientist,and look at her fists,dont they look similar to headlock?and when se makes her grab attack,she creates an energy ball,just like the one headlock makes when it uses it’s special attack

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