Apex Legends – No It’s Not Titanfall 3 (Jimpressions)

Apex Legends surprised us with a sudden launch this week, but has Respawn got the goods? Will EA undermine it like it did with Titanfall 2?

Right now, it’s an impressively solid game, even if it’s a bit unremarkable. Also the microtransactions and loot boxes leave much to be desired.


  1. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  2. I really like the game!

  3. Is it free to play, or frEA to play?

  4. So they took Titanfall, removed wall running, double jumps, THE DAMN TITANS, and more that made Titanfall a unique, innovative shooter, threw what was left into a blender of COD/Fortnite and a little overwatch (with some juicy microtransactions and lootboxes), and this is what dripped out. I have a horrible feeling that Titanfall 3 died for this, and knowing EA, I’m probably not far off the truth.

  5. Enjoying it so far myself, but it rubs me the wrong way that this game will probably single-handedly save EA.

  6. oh look, EA released evidence that they function backwards.

  7. How is a game that came out the same day it was announced more stable than a game that was announced 2 years ago?

  8. I didn’t even know this game existed

  9. So who will disapear first? Respawn or Bioware? I already put me money on bioware

  10. It’s not worth missing out on Titanfall 3. Also this is just going to be packed with micro transactions and loot boxes…

  11. It feels/looks like COD way too much…really went outside the box with this one…also the crates opened in game remind me of Borderlands

  12. 1:50 I know that building. Me and my teammates had a last Stand there and nearly won the entire match. Damn shotgun needed to reload right as their wraith showed up though…

  13. Everyone: Were getting tired of Battle Royale games.
    EA: You know what we need? MORE BATTLE ROYALE GAMES!

  14. Only reason I am willing to try this is because respawn deserves consumers attention after titanfall 2

  15. Sick of the Battle Royale genre. … We could have had a full blown Titanfall 3 game.

  16. They finally released a TitianFall (not TitianFall) game without releasing it a week before a Battlefield game

  17. What? EA is pitting a Respawn product against another of EA’s way more promoted games? Anyone else getting a sense of Deja Vu?

  18. 0:48 “Apex Legends is basically Fortnite Overwatch”

    _This description is so accurate that it’s beyond science_

  19. Respawn is where all the good CoD devs from InfinityWard went

  20. Respawn made a BR and DIDN’T include wall-running, double jumps or the Titans? Yes, EA and microtransactions are tough to sell, but so is zero originality. Big shrug from me. I wonder how many devs at Bioware are thinking: “EA didn’t release this now because Anthem is going to fail, right? They wouldn’t do that to us, right?”

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