Apex Legends – Fight or Fright Collection Event Trailer

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Darkness descends on Kings Canyon with the Fight or Fright Collection Event! Experience Kings Canyon at night as you jump into an exciting new limited-time mode, Shadowfall, where a mysterious figure delivers his warped version of the Apex games, which turns fallen Legends into the undead. Plus, score spookily cool cosmetics and more when you join the shadows!

Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC: http://x.ea.com/57366.

Check out our YouTube channel: http://x.ea.com/56710.


  1. me while watching this: “where is octane?”
    me after watching this: “ahh he’s right there, everywhere”

  2. I like how Path just casually roasts everyone and ignored the fact he’s in another dimension

  3. “I guess you were right wraith that wasn’t your portal” I’m done lmao

  4. “You’re right wraith, that wasn’t your portal” ???

  5. Kings Canyon Night time: *exists*

    Moths: aight imma head out

  6. Everyone: laughing about how Pathfinder’s costume is Octane’s legs

    Me: Did wraith take down a whole squad?

  7. We aren’t in Kansas anymore
    Pathfinder 2019

  8. Revenant confirmed, s4 more than likely is when he get him

  9. “Did you just come from a children’s party?”
    I feel that ?✊?

  10. *New trailer drops*
    Bangalore: aight imma die now

  11. No one:

    Caustic: How about another joke murrAy?

  12. Has anyone noticed that when pathfinder pings the train he says
    “That’s a real train,unlike those octrains”

  13. The voice acting in this trailer is a masterpiece.

  14. Mirage costume: ThEIr A sNaKe iN mY Bo0t

  15. Pathfinder: did you just come back from the children’s party?

    Everyone else: _mike wazowzki face_

  16. Fortnite: *disappears*

    Farmers Insurance: “covered it, we know a thing or two, cause we’ve seen a thing or two”

  17. Everyone in costume: yeah it’s fine

    Pathfinder in costume: this is my costume im octanes leg

  18. Apex: Makes halloween event

    Mirage: “howdy”

    Pathfinder: “I’m Octanes legs”

    Octane: “I’M BORED”

  19. Bernard Maverick Rivera

    Whats your costume??
    Pathfinder: *looks at octane’s legs*
    Octane: No
    Pathfinder: Yes

  20. Path: “this is my costume, I’m octane’s legs”

    Lmao i laughed so hard XD

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