Apex Legends’ $170 Axe Demonstrates The Insidious Nature Of Microtransactions

Apex Legends has an Iron Crown Collection event which takes place within its existing Season 2 Battle Pass stuff. New legendary and epic loot, new challenges, a Solo Mode, and plenty of in-game gambling is on offer.

The event has drawn criticism after the microtransactions were totted up and it became clear you’d need to spend a total of $170 to get the main attraction – Bloodhound’s “Raven’s Bite” heirloom axe.

Game companies don’t like it when you show the cumulative cost of items, because that’s exactly what microtransactions are designed to hide. For $170, you could buy multiple videogames. In Apex, it gets you an axe.

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  1. At this rate they might just as well rename E3 to ConCon.

  2. EA Exe 1: Apex Legends is too successful!

  3. Thanks Jim, for implanting the mental image of the entire AAA industry being embodied by that weird merchant from Resident Evil 4. I wish I had thought of it earlier.

  4. “Micro” transactions.

    “You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

  5. Jim has an axe to grind with all those shady and greedy as hell microtransactions.

  6. G2A ad on a Jim Sterling video. Brilliant lol

  7. What’re ya buyin’? What’re ya sellin”? A $170 axe apparently

  8. “Hey mom, can I make a 7 dollar purchase online?”
    “What are you getting?”
    “Hopefully, A new gun”

  9. Yo, maybe they should rename Surprise Mechanic to Surprise Proctologist

  10. RE4 merchant: I’ll buy it at a high price!
    Apex Legends: You’ll buy it at a high price!

  11. I guess EA wants to join Japan on whale hunting.

  12. Jim, you need to have the Surprise Mechanic make an appearance on PWE.

  13. Dineshan Ganesamoorthy

    I’ll never get tried of how Jim says “live services” and “suprise mechanics”. Never change Jim

  14. $170?! That’s nearly three AAA starter packs!

  15. Hmm…Do i buy 5 complete Games or do i buy an axe….hmm

  16. The industry has gotten so bad, I’m actually rooting for Pirates these days

  17. Macrotransactions, nothing micro about them.

  18. “Blood Axe”

    Because you have to sell your plasma to afford it

  19. “It’s ethical, people enjoy them”
    I’m pretty sure people enjoy taking heroin, it’s the aftermath that’s the problem.

  20. Get your parents credit cards boys we’re buying some pixels!

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