Anthem’s Final Dirge (The Jimquisition)

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Anthem has finally been put out of its misery.

BioWare’s Anthem will go down in history as a mighty example of how to fail at jumping on a bandwagon. Its development was rushed and poorly planned, its release was mediocre, and its subsequent slow death was almost pitiful.

And what’s worse, all of it was predictable. Despite its high profile , Anthem’s story isn’t new. The industry is littered with the corpses of games that tried to hop on the gravy train but fell and broke their face on the tracks. Nobody in the “AAA” market ever wants to learn though.

So it is that Anthem joins such high profile disasters as Evolve and Battleborn and so many more. Just another “ service” wannabe, soon to be joined by Marvel’s Avengers. Nobody learns. The dirge plays on.

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  1. Anthem, in almost cosmic poeticism, dies with zero fanfare.

  2. Sam Watson-Tayler

    I’ve kind of been kind of drifting away from the Jimquisition lately, not because of the videos themselves, but because the topics make me so angry sometimes. But when I see Anthem in a title, I click. God do I click.

  3. Tidus Whiteblade

    As soon as I saw the news that Anthem was finished, I cackled in my best Jim Sterling voice and prepared myself for this inevitable episode. Have at me, James Stephanie Sterling! Gimme that good stuff! Thank God for you!

  4. A+ for illustrating your point of a “clear cycle” by using a picture of a transparent motorcycle, had me doing a double take with that.

  5. Steve of the Dead

    “A salt rye full” fucking great editing Justin.

  6. This Anthem debacle reminds me of many years ago when people started with the argument, “This game doesn’t have enough content now, but you can always buy more later!” Now we see the utter folly of buying a game to buy more content down the line. Besides the obvious grift of paying double for an unfinished product.

  7. I am being completely honest when I tell you that I bought this game, new, for $2 AUD from EB Games. I did it as a joke and took a picture of the receipt and everything.
    I still haven’t played it. I bought it as a joke and I think playing it undermines the joke.

  8. Dr.ErikNefarious

    I personally forgot Anthem even existed. On a side note, I’m amazed Jim had a boyfriend. I thought they were just in a polyamourous relationship with their Boglins.

  9. This game was dead when i played the demo, feel bad for people that didn’t see the game was gonna be really bad.

  10. POV you’re a project manager on Anthem, forced people to crunch for months on end, and now you have to live with the fact that you ruined careers and lives for something so worthless none of your workers will even put on their resume in four years.

  11. BrightBulb Photography

    The ability to greed, does not make you intelligent.

  12. I see everyone in these comments is making Anthem-related puns… so I thought I’d contribute one of my own! Anthem of creation? More like Anthem of Arrogant-studio-executives-perpetuating-a-cycle-of-abusive-crunch-within-the-workforce-whilst-failing-to-take-up-any-accountability-for-their-own-atrocious-actions-thus-ensuring-the-cycle-continues amirite?

  13. I had to laugh when a german site called the desicion to can anthem: “The first good decision Bioware made in anthem”

  14. “Demonstrate the clear cycle”

    … Of course that exists.

  15. Just the words “live service dragon age” make me feel ill.

    Remember when EA said single player games were dead then dropped anthem lmao

  16. “Despite flopping around for about a decade, hardly any development had been done.” Stop calling out my personality, Steph

  17. When will game companies learn that you can’t make a game that everyone’s going to love to still a quote I learned from this channel years ago there is no perfect flavor only perfect flavors!

  18. They should have taken Anthem’s old title and glued it on, called it “Anthem: Beyond”……….. or “Anthem: Before”, reverse psychology and all that…..

  19. I feel bad for the developers being dragged through this nonsense. They’re the ones who make the game and get the most critique when something goes wrong, yet no praise when things go right.

    I call the downfall of gamers the day they started siding with an executive before the developers

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