Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal

In ™, a new shared-world action-RPG from EA’s studio, team up with friends as Freelancers—the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty.

Wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Band together with friends, confront the dangers you find, and grow in power with every step.

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  1. If this has no significant singleplayer component, I can’t be bothered.


  3. But I hav no friend.

  4. Inside the suit looks sweaty and smelly

  5. Triggerino Kripperino

    After andromeda this is getting a pass unless it’s amazing on release. Looks like they just took andromedas combat and made a separate game, no thanks

  6. Yeah… I’ll wait 6 months after release before I even think about thinking about buying this.

    NOOOOOOOO trust after Andromeda.

  7. game looks beautiful cant wait to get my hands on it

  8. King Alistair of Ferelden

    So the female voice is the person playing, so at the start she’s talking to the npc. This crazy lady is trying to converse with a tv. Mass Effect died for this, and if it doesn’t have rpg style companion interactions it’s a slap to the face. I’m not convinced yet, you’ve got a big hill to climb Bioware, if this doesn’t deliver I’m gone forever. This from a person who’s played Dragon Age Origins 30+ times and the Mass Effect trilogy almost as much.

  9. Could be either one of the greatest fails or the greatest games… I’m hoping for the ladder.

  10. “This is a vast open world you can explore with your friends”

    “Vast open world”

    “Open world”……Somethings never change. All these companies keep making games with open worlds that never mean anything better or different. Just worlds that are empty and the only things that fill them or side-quests and collectables. While also lacking direction and stability.

    How much do does everyone wanna bet the “dynamic” world isn’t as dynamic as they say and while this is early footage, I bet what you see in this isn’t going to be in the final game.

    And it’s made by EA, so I wonder how much of the content will be behind a paywall/season pass, unneededly expensive DLC or just a bunch of bogus MTs.

    While I sort of follow E3, it’s not like I used to. AAA studios continuously say a bunch of things they are going to do and then turn around and they end up being a bunch of lies.

    Just hard to get excited when its the same shit different year.

  11. “Lets do that later with Kim”. “Heh, yeah he could use the XP”.

    Bitch Kim is higher level than the rest of you smack talking lowbees.

  12. 4:05 “He (Kim) could use the XP.”
    6:02 *Kim is level 36, and everyone else is level 34 and below*

    Shouldn’t have talked shit on Kim.

  13. Warframe + Crysis = Anthem

  14. This explains where all the money and talent went to instead of Andromeda.

  15. The audio isn’t meant to be taken seriously, everyone knows nobody talks like that to their friends, they used it to imply that the game will have interaction and voice comms and that you can play with other people.

    Also, it’s not a multiplayer-only game, it’s a Bioware game afterall, so its singleplayer but with co-op option, and I think that’s amazeballs.

  16. Inform yourself before commenting!

    ANDROMEDA was developed by BIOWARE MONTREAL. MONTREAL. A team that worked on some DLCs and that never worked on a game of their own before ANDROMEDA. And as we know it failed miserably. MONTREAL is just a sussidiary of the big BIOWARE Corp.

    ANTHEM is being developed by BIOWARE EDMONTON. EDMONTON. The REAL BIOWARE. The team behind the OLD MASS EFFECT TRILOGY, one of the BEST SCI FI RPG SERIES ever!

    Do you see the differences now? Please inform yourself before commenting and misinforming others!

    PS. As you can see from the footage shown, in the beginning the facial animations are really neat. THE LAST OF US leves of facial animations. Like if EDMONTON wanted to send a message to those MONTREAL idiots. ” Hey this is how you do it. Watch and learn”. They showed it at the beginning just to shut up right away all misinformed people that would make funny minsiformed comments based on this being developed by “BIOWARE” while not realizing this to be developed by the REAL BIOWARE and not a sussidiary like MONTREAL.

    PSS. Also you can see that the 2 females shown are beautiful unlike the females in ANDROMEDA. Just another small detail, apart from Anthem looking way better than Andromeda in anything else as well, that will let you understand that this isn’t those stupid devs from MONTREAL, but BIOWARE EDMONTON. REAL BIOWARE game going on here. After the OLD MASS EFFECT TRILOGY they have all my trust with this!

    Don’t trust those other misinformed peoples down here.


  17. the fake ingame chat was so cringy

  18. Come on BioWare, people have never loved you solely for your apparent skill at creating memorable PvP. We loved you because of your ability to create stories and characters that resonate with us even today, and making us care about the game because of emotional attachment to said characters. Stop making some stupid Destiny shit and go back to the days of Mass Effect, the days when I could shamelessly cry at seeing all the emotional moments throughout ME3. We NEED you to go back to what made you (and video games) so special!

  19. this makes destiny look like shit

  20. When are they gonna learn we don’t want this cringy ass multiplayer dialogue.

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