Another Dev Threatens To Sue Steam Users, Quickly Backtracks

What’s the old saying about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results? Yeah.


  1. That’s more bovine feces than I expected to see today

  2. My mom has no arms

  3. I was wondering when you were going to pick this up.

    At least these idiots are backtracking instead of going all in like Digihom.

  4. *ShittyTubbies, ShittyTubbies*
    *We, will, sue, you.*
    *(Children laughing)*


  5. That’s right, threaten the customers for criticism, that will help sales. (rolls eyes)

  6. I said this on Sid’s video already, but I think the rest of the dev team is on the shit end of this whole thing. It was one person who got on the principal’s mic and made a big problem for the rest of them.

  7. I just can’t get enough of Jim reading quotes from people in that exaggerated pompous British accent 😀

  8. 4:33 speaking as a native English speaker in a diverse family of immigrants: yes, everyone who learns English as a second language is a defensive asshole about being corrected after they stop feeling like a tourist (as if the learning process stops after the struggling stage stops).

  9. Bangkok BubbaKitty

    Unfair! it was only ONE person on the “team” that acted badly. The rest of the team seems to be OK. Focus on the one dickhead, and leave the rest of the DEV alone.
    It is unfair to compile them all together.
    AS LONG AS THE DEVS REJECT THE ONE ASSHOLE, then all is good. IF they back the asshole, then all is fair game.

  10. Funny thing is, german judges roll their eyes at frivolous lawsuits. He would have been laughed out of court, even if he had been able to find a lawyer who puts up with this bullshit.

  11. I thought it was one of the “official” translators from the game who was threatening to sue Steam users for not taking criticism like a professional instead than a fucking cockroach with self-esteem issues…

  12. You keep saying it was the dev who made the threats, it wasn’t the dev it was their translator. Obviously doesn’t make it any better but the actual dev had nothing to do with it, other than hiring a translator that turned out to be a big baby.

  13. This sounds and looks like a Jimquisition but it isn’t labelled as such. Also, the guy representing our god is nowhere to be seen. I don’t know, if I’m supposed to thank god for Jim now or not?!

  14. Hold on your horses everybody.
    I can’t tell for sure, but this, to me, looks like a particular individual (and not the whole company, or project lead) loosing his shit for having his work being criticised.

    Sid Alpha did a video on the subject, and he reported something that is missing in this video. Another developer took the translation problems into account, and told the texts were sent to a professional translator. He also stated that the issues would be forwarded to him.

    That’s where the translator stepped in and made these insane comments and threats.

    So, I wouldn’t blame the whole company for this. Clearly, the communication should have been handled by the guy in charge of PR, and not the translator himself, but I clearly wouldn’t blame the whole company for this mishap… Even if the game is far from being stellar, we have seen far worse than this.

    It does not excuse the translator’s behavior, but again, I don’t think the whole team should be associated with this individual’s statements.

  15. This is just a grand example of being careful of who you get working for you, because of the pride of one person on the team, everyone in the group is seen to be shit heads. Even when they try to distances themselves, they are seen as a collaborative effort that they realized was going south, so they tried to back out. It’s kinda disappointing an entire company name, maybe even an entire team of people will have their reputations tarnished because of an individual.

  16. Blanket response to commenters saying I’m being “unfair” because it was “just one man.”

    Firstly this man was explicitly elected to represent Arslogica on matters of translation and that’s what he hit out with. Furthermore, the company has only cleaned itself up and apologized AFTER this became big news. Until then, the usual reports of deleted posts and criticisms occurred.

    The facts of the who said what are in the video. I’m a little concerned by some comments acting as if the facts aren’t there, as if to undermine the video before it’s seen. I said everything people are pointing out. The difference is they write it off as “just some guy” while I consider him representative of the company he was literally representing, while the company as a whole was not giving a fuck about this until it became a bigger deal, when they then started the U-turn toward civility.

    Hell, even their apology is more about getting people to be nice to them than expressing a genuine sorry.

    As for this:

    “Yes, Jim is getting too ‘crusade-y’ lately. He won his fair battles and now he just seems to seek a cause, desperately. He’s becoming the villains he was fighting. It’s like pottery.”

    I’ve seen this occur a few times and I think it’s total bollocks. It’s a nice poetic story (and I think they actually meant “poetry” instead of “pottery”) so I see the appeal of it, but the day I start issuing lawsuit threats rather than simply giving my opinions on things is the day you can trot out the “beware they who fight monsters” chestnut.

  17. to me threatening to sue someone over not getting your way is just as bad as a death over not getting your way the real issue is there is lack of legal repercussions for threatening to sue someone without proper cause

  18. Hate and Loathing

    4:35 TL;DR = “You don’t like my work? Why don’t you do better or GTFO?”. Not valid criticism. Pitiful.

  19. 4:40
    You should narrate horror stories. In that voice.

  20. That looks like a mobile game attempting to be a big boy pc game

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