Another Crowdfunded Game Goes Epic Exclusive And You Can Guess The Reaction

Outer Wilds, which was crowdfunded in 2015, has become the latest game to go Epic Store exclusive, with yet another timed deal.

It will come to Steam eventually, but at launch you can only get it at Epic or on the Xbox One.

Can you guess how people reacted to that bit o’ news?

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  1. And this was the point in time that crowdfunding began to die off as a method to support indie developers.

  2. crowdfunded games : *exists*
    Epic Games : it’s *free real estate*

  3. Inb4 “but it’s goooood competitionnnnnn, you’re just jealoouusss”

  4. Next: E3 coverage goes Epic exclusive, no games will release on anything buy epic store

  5. Linux gamers get screwed again, since EGS is not on Linux (since Tim Sweeney’s stance is very anti-linux).

  6. I want to watch this, but I just finished Noclip’s Telltale documentary and I think I can’t handle any more industry BS and sadness today. Sorry Jim.

  7. So they pulled another Phoenix Point situation, great… Remember after Metro Exodus when they “promised” that they “wouldn’t do this type of thing anymore” and would give people far ahead notice next time if a game was going to switch from Steam to Epic? Lol…

  8. The use of Megabyte and Hexadecimal in this video seems…appropriate somehow!

  9. upvoting for the usage of Reboot characters. I loved that show.

  10. DBLoCK_ThE_KeyBlade Master

    PC Gaming: The First Storefront
    PC Gaming: The Epic Soldier
    PC Gaming: Civil War

  11. “Our goal is to bring the game to your preferred platform as soon as possible”
    Probably the single most bullshit line anyone could spout when having taken a deal to enforce exclusivity for a strict period of time.

  12. Wow, with all these epic store exclusive games I’m saving loads of money. Thanks Epic me best Matey! Yarr.

  13. “More accessible”…. By offering less choice. ?
    Edit: corrected typo

  14. This is something the main character of Shakedown: Hawaii would do.

  15. Tigertron, “we had an agreement Starscream!”. Starscream, “NOW WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE!”

  16. I feel that Epic Store will hurt Kickstarter games as a whole. Think about it: why bother donating your money to a project, only to have it snatched up and have it sold on a different store.

    By no means what Epic is doing is illegal, however the fact that Epic is buying the crowded funding games, leads me to believe that there will be a huge distrust towards them

  17. Soon you’ll have to download Steam through the epic store

  18. Jim sterling: It’s not a good look.
    *Rabbit in background game gets stuck in terrain.*

  19. Platform of my choice? How long will it take to get on the TI-83+?

  20. ” I could turn my entire YouTube channel into an epic store exclusive” had me laughing for minutes.

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