Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history

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The first software title created by the newly formed Productions will be console exclusive to PlayStation 4.


  1. PlayStation Nation

  2. Playstation… please change/edit the description of the video, SPOILERS!

  3. The Kojima fans and Playstation in Brazil are very happy with this
    announcement .

  4. Love you Kojima-San. This is some of the best news I’ve ever heard.

  5. Playstation WON

  6. Suck it Konami

  7. THANK U PlayStation T_T


  9. new P.T. is coming soon!, and no!!… is not allison road

  10. Kojima should finish what he started with PT .

  11. FINALLY!

  12. I got worried for a minute.

    Then I noticed it was only a “console” exclusive.

  13. ALRIGHT!!!

  14. Finally i can say I’m glad i bought a ps4

  15. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. best thing since sliced bread :D

  17. #FucKonami

  18. Yes!

  19. Ok now i wanna learn Japanese!

  20. Can’t wait to see and play the games he will create. :D

  21. round of applause for sony and kojima

  22. Exclusive to PS4…..and PC xD


  24. I don’t know him can someone fill me in on any of the games he’s been
    involved in?


  26. chupa konami

  27. oh wow that’s awesome man!
    that’s make me happy!

  28. Kevin H. (KingKevinTheOne)

    He’s about to go H.A.M. in the gaming industry. #PLAYSTATION

  29. I can feel Konami’s anger all the way from Japan.

  30. Dang House, your Japanese is good 0_o

  31. Please be a horror game. Please be a horror game.

  32. is it just me or does kojima san nose looks strange?

  33. that new kojima productions logo though! hopefully they’ll make silent
    hills under a new name because judging from PT(which is still on my PS4) it
    didnt many ties to silent hill to begin with

  34. Now Go, let the legend come back to life

  35. ああ、神様、アンドリュー・ハウス日本語を話します!素晴らしいです!

  36. is it me or did Hideo Kojima is slowly turning into Hayao Miyazaki? must be
    that beard….

  37. Now get to working on Silent hills, NOW Kojima son NOW!.

  38. 400K views!!!!!! #LOVEKOJIMA

  39. One more reason to get the PS4

  40. Fantastic news, Kojima gets all the creative freedom he needs and the new
    IP will sell boatloads since its on PS4. Just another feather in the
    exclusive lineup cap.

  41. sick beard !

  42. This partnership between Kojima and Sony is awesome! Looks like Sony was
    able to extract Kojima from the LZ in time. :D

  43. Man Sony gets mad respect for this one!!! No fanboy here, just glad to see
    dude move on to bigger and better things

  44. Ah hahahahahaha hahahahah hold on did he just say that..ah hahaha??? oh
    ah hahaha

    You PS4 kiddies are so cute… Ah hahahaha?

  45. BOOM! Well done Sony! I Hope Kojima bring lot of games to PS4 :D

  46. Hideo please keep the smaller framed glasses… it makes you look more of a
    nerd and the more the nerdier you look… The better the games will be. ^.^

  47. Watched it, had a smile for the entirety of the video. Finally a good news
    in the ”modern” gaming world.
    I’m so happy for Kojima and Sony! This is probably the best choice both
    could have ever made.

  48. humanity has been restored once again today.

  49. PS4 has come to.


  51. PS4 DA BEST! Xbone got nothing lmao.

  52. PS Indie Similator

  53. PS Indie Similator

  54. Microsoft: I have a Halo
    Sony: We have a Kojima.

  55. Jimbob32165 the fiddle


  56. This really made me smile.
    I’m glad Kojima is away from Konami’s tyranny.

  57. Holly F* S* I cried!

  58. I’m an Xbox player but this couldn’t make me any more happy, great to see
    Kojima back out and making games, and I think that PlayStation having his
    back is a great thing

  59. Kept you waiting huh?

  60. As an Xbox player, I don’t care, I’m just happy to see Kojima as a happy
    guy again.


  62. Why have I watched this 5 times?

  63. Notice me Kojima-senpai!!

  64. The only good thing is he can finally stop making MGS games and do
    something new.

  65. Santiago Ospina-Diaz

    That’s official I’m getting a PlayStation! #TeamKojima

  66. I am smiling as a proud PlayStation owner when I watched this.

    Welcome, Kojima-san!


  68. In an official news, Microsoft started trading XB1’s with PS4

  69. look at all this poor xbox and pc fanboys lol

  70. I don’t even have Playstation but I am glad to see this. Playstation
    owners, get hyped and enjoy it! I am going on the corner to wait for Zelda

  71. #FuckKonami

  72. I like how Sony shows regards to Kojima by using Japanese.

  73. Please be Silent Hills, please be Silent Hills…

  74. sure cut off a giant portion of your fanbase, great idea…… good luck
    with that

  75. Konami done goof’d

  76. ill just play kojimas and ps4 games on pc.the game kojima is making is for
    pc also.such as no mans sky and sf5.

  77. You’re pretty good

  78. At least its no more ‘IndieStation’ or ‘RemakeStation’ or somethin’.

  79. Kojima + Creative Freedom + Sony Backed = !?!?!?!??! now if only Silent
    Hills comes back into production… The Internet would break!

  80. I’m a new player moving on to PS4 soon. I’m still clueless about the news
    and stuff but I’m getting on to it. But what’s this about? I know it’s a
    partnership, but I want to know a little more information about this.

  81. Hahaha must suck to be Xbox people.

  82. Amazing partnership !! Very Nice ! 😀 #4theplayers #Kojimaproductions

  83. P.T silent hills exclusive? it will be?

  84. Very happy :_)

  85. Welcome, Master Kojima!

  86. I wish Kojima that great success will come from this and taht the di**heads
    at Konami will son realize thatt he whole company only existed because of
    Kojimas Genius



  88. Bravo…..SONY.Very good decision and very big deal.

  89. Such a lust for game development!

  90. If MGS, Silent Hill and P.T. were given rights under Kojima and Sony from
    Konami, it would be a HUGE selling point for PS4.

  91. Naughty Dog/Kojima Productions Collaboration. You might want to change your

  92. Mr. Kojima you are a legend in the Video Game World and you deserve the
    best! Don’t let those idiots over at Konami make you sad. They made a
    mistake for the way they treated you and you deserved better. Always
    remember that you have fans that love you and support you in whatever
    project you do. We love you Hideo, never change and do things the way you
    vision them! <3

  93. Mad props, Sony. You guys know how to actually run a company. KONAMI.

  94. Kept us waiting huh

  95. I just hope this new series won’t be a PlayStation exclusive.

  96. Giveaway on my channel!!!

  97. OMFG

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