ANNIE: ORIGINS – Who is Daisy? Annie’s sister’s fate revealed

Pap’s Fun Place (Not a Christian Server):

This is a quick video explaining why people who associate Daisy to Ivern’s Daisy are straight up wrong. I also provide some insight into what I MYSELF have figured out about the video. Yeah it’s a little short but overall besides dropping a few names/facts, there isn’t much to work on. As usual it’ll be a wait-and-see with Riot.


  1. Thomas Christensen

    first also kys nerd lol !

  2. No, she is actually a Water-Mage called Nami who seeks revenge on Annie.

  3. Nice game theory MatPat


    you are a genius!

  5. Big if true

  6. I like the subtle and calm explanation to the sudden conclusion–“that she is actually fucking dead hehe xd”

  7. Well thought out PAPAYA! I liked the twist that you explained and also the problems the association with Ivern’s golem might bring into Annies lore. 10/10 would watch it again.

  8. Riot needs to add this to annies lore.

  9. Be a Game Character

    That plot twist at the end, though.

  10. Youve given no evidence though. lol. “Just trust me, my notes say so”

  11. lul dude, the ending was too good.

  12. 2 things that you have as evidence are incomplete:
    1. Daisy was a Rock Golem previous to Ivern finding her so it can’t be Daisy (Annie’s Sister).
    2. Ivern and Annie live in different places.

    1. It is true that Ivern found a hurt stone golem but it wasn’t until he healed her until he started calling her Daisy. The Lore states, “knowing the poor creature was on the verge of death, he fashioned her a new heart from a river pebble.” The interesting point is why he even started calling the stone golem in the first place. “He named her Daisy, after the flowers that mysteriously sprouted from her stone body.” So the golem itself didn’t have any flowers or connection until Ivern put a RIVER PEBBLE, into it which caused daisies to form on its body. So using the point that the stone golem existed before doesn’t disprove anything. Reading the whole segment and taking into account the wording, “flowers that *Mysteriously* sprouted”. It actually goes to strengthen the possibility of the theory.

    2. The notion that Ivern stayed in Ionia is completely false. Sure it is where he killed the God Willow and became who he is now was in fact Ionia. But in his lore it states, “He wandered the world and developed close kinships with all creatures great and small”. So Ivern very well could have travelled and come in contact with the same forrest that Annie and Daisy were lured into.

  13. Viuhti From Tiuhti & Viuhti

    What a thoughtful conclusion

  14. This is a very well put together analysis of the Annie cinematic

  15. That fucking ending dude

  16. a Despondent Thespian

    What a completely unoriginal thought.

    Waste of time.

  17. What if Daisy is a metiforical representation of 2018 Spring SKT’s performance, with faker as Annie trying to carry them back to the shore victory but they keep falling away down stream owing to excessive flame?

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