Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s TWO Subscription Services Are Pretty Grotesque

Nintendo has been steadily churning out sleazy moneymaking guff on mobile devices for quite some time, and has show recent interest in expensive subscription services bereft of value.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp now joins Mario Kart Tour in featuring one of these pricey plans. Oh wait… TWO of these pricey plans. Pocket Camp has not one, but two subscription models.

The more expensive of these costs $7.99 a month and just feeds you loot boxes. It’s a load of crap. The other one is far cheaper at $2.99, but only serves to solve a problem Nintendo purposefully created.

What rubbish.

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  1. Just got the update. Haven’t touched this game in a while and I knew this video would be coming. Can’t wait for Jim’s reaction to the goty nominees.

  2. Animal Crossing the Line

  3. Tom Nooktendo making sure his residents will be forever in debt with them.

  4. Even Nintendo wanted to get in on the downwards trend of tripple A companies going finally all out on anti consumer tactics.

  5. Mobile games having intrusive and grotesque monetization model? Color me shocked

  6. Don’t do this to Animal Crossing. Not like this. *Not like this.*

  7. Nick Ploos van Amstel

    I wish Iwata was alive to say “No”, but it’s as if Nintendo’s integrity died with him.

  8. They’re obviously trying to milk the game for all they can before New Horizons comes out

  9. Pocket camp was already the lifeless empty husk of Animal Crossing propped up by microtransactions.

  10. They make people pay for the privilege of not playing the game. That is fucking brilliant!

  11. Iwata: I’m not mad, just disappointed – 2019, trust me, it’s on the internet.

  12. Nintendo Console: Take a break every hour for health reasons
    Nintendo Mobile: Play our game 24/7 or pay money otherwise we will cripple you

  13. Nintendo is absolutely testing these strategies on mobile to see if they can get them on console. Nintendo is not your friend, unless you make up several percent of their stock control.

  14. here’s a comment that looks like an apple

  15. 5:04 “including some cookies that are currently out of stock”

    They are not out of stock.
    There is no stock.
    You just flipped a switch to temporarily disallow players access to this particular digital slot machine to create artifical scarcity.

  16. Even Resetti wants you to turn the game off without saving after this one.

  17. It’s disgusting how exploitative this game is, my little sister’s such a huge fan of Animal Crossing and she’s heartbroken by how so much of the good features are locked behind paywalls upon paywalls, and the amount of tickets drip fed is too minimal. They realised how much money they could make from the mobile scene the moment Pokémon GO blasted their pockets with cash.

  18. Iwata was quite adamant about not going this route. I miss him. 🙁

  19. “No longer in stock”
    IT’S DIGITAL. IT’S ONES AND ZEROS. How do you run out of ones and zeros?!

  20. “Don’t be Warriors with microtransactions”. Remember that line Nintendo?

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