ANIMAL CROSSING: Pocket Camp AHOY w/ Griffin and Russ

The newest game, and the first one on phones, is out in Austrailia. Join and as they explore the magic and wonder.

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  1. I’m strongly against the microtransactions in this game solely because Tom Nook will become irl too rich and powerful

  2. I want this NOW. Too bad I’m not in Australia

  3. this is sincerely the most heartwarming thing and I love how the villager actually resembles a McElroy. best boy 10/10

  4. Improbable Lobster

    Boy do I wish that this wasn’t in portrait orientation

  5. Every video with just Griff and Russ always comes off as Griffin finding Russ insufferable.

  6. Insufferable Know-It-All

    29:00 The birds are Griffin, Justin and Travis

  7. tbh im actually excited to blow my cash on this dumb dumb fantastic game

  8. K.K. definitely vapes.

  9. *Mentions Viva Piñata*
    Me: *cries*

  10. “I’m going to play this game till I die” – Griffin McElroy 2017

  11. my beppe my beppe and me

  12. Russ: uwu they kinda blew that load..

    Griffin: don’t…why would you d…

  13. That classic KK Slider quote: Gotta have my vape!

  14. I’ve never been so happy to be Australian

  15. Ashleythegamer9 Gaming

    Yay I’m glad I’m in Australia!

  16. I hate Griffin and Russ together it just feels like Griffin hates it and is constantly talking over Russ


  18. New Animal Crossing “Game”

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