Ana’s Day Out – Overwatch Animation

Ana tries her best to support her team, but will they appreciate her efforts?

Thanks for watching!

The software we used are: TVPaint for animating, Adobe Photoshop for backgrounds, Adobe After Effects for compositing and Adobe Premiere for editing.

Studio AFK is a collective of two artist. We want to use this channel to share our animations! We’ll have more original shorts coming soon!


  1. What was the music from the beginning?

  2. Awesome work. Tempted to sub.

  3. Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

    Great job! Really like that animation style 😀

  4. 1:09 what is that team comp lmao, zen reaper, orisa ,hanzo ,genji, widowmaker

  5. Oh my god, that aim is just like mine XD

  6. SweetTooth Gaming

    That battle mercy scream ?

  7. The battle Mercy part is sooo relatable xD

  8. im not easily impressed by just any animation but this is so damn cute i cant stand it, i hate you!

  9. Pharah looks so pretty! Great job!

  10. Those dislikes must be from Reinhardts that didn’t get the nano-boost. xD

  11. Studio AFK, I dont know if your aware of this, but this video was reuploaded onto facebook on the overwatch cavalry page. Im not sure if you gave them permission so im bringing this to you attention. Here is the link to the post in question.

  12. Some FB page just reposted this.

    If this isn’t cool and you want to file a DMCA to remove it, head through

    It’s already gotten over 200k views. .-.

  13. The style you used is absolutely adorable. This is my fave fan animation so far. I think I speak for everyone when I say, MOAR PLZ!!

  14. Do more Overwatch, this is amazing

  15. As an Ana main I demand that you make more Ana related videos. But either way I’m subscribing because of how well this was made and how entertaining it was.

  16. Nahuel Germanotta

    Ana’s tenderness cures cancer. #ICantStopWatchingThis

  17. Some shitty Instagram meme page has got 46k for just reuploading this video.

  18. SuperSaiyanSquirtle

    I love the smooth animation and color!

  19. Me when I get boosted as Mercy. I’m panicking every single time. This one Ana one day…all she would do is boost me because I was playing Mercy. Help.

  20. Sharing is great but please don’t reupload this video to FB, Instagram, Twitter and other social medias. Thank you all so much for the support and lovely comments!

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