Analyst Suggests Anthem’s Loot Boxes Could Be ‘Just Cosmetic’

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gives us an interesting launchpad here. Firstly, the suggestion that loot boxes in Anthem is simply a given.

Secondly, the preemptive that rolls back and retcons the concept of loot boxes.

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  1. I love you jim

  2. To quote videogamedunkey “..but this is EA they’ll find some way to fuck it up.”

  3. saying “it’s just cosmetic” should be a crime

  4. All lootboxes are ??

  5. Shiny Pokemon are just cosmetic as well but people still go nuts when they find one.

  6. Its clear this guy knows next to nothing when he says that nobody batted any eyelash at overwatch’s and even destiny2’s lootboxes because they are “just cosmetic”. Wtf is wrong with these analysts? are they willfully ignorant or are they just acting that way?!?!?!?

  7. Anthem. Another game I’m not going to care about or play no matter how “GREAT” people will inevitably say it is. There are far too many other games out there these days that don’t use these tactics that are far more deserving of my attention.

  8. All EA CEO’s should have dicks drawn on there head by us and we just shout ‘ITS JUST COSMETIC’

  9. I’ll just stick with Warframe.

  10. I want to sit back and watch Anthem fail.

  11. When Anthen fail, bioware will by close like viceral, weeswood and many more

  12. Just play warframe

  13. Anthem? Easy pass

  14. HeavyMetalBakesale

    Honestly, I’m so conflicted about this game. I love BioWare games and I think Anthem LOOKS awesome but I feel like it turning out to be another loot box game will make me lose interest. It is really hard watching this happen to BioWare and I hope Anthem ends up being great.

  15. Not buying lootbox trash games rip Bioware Anthem will likely flop and EA will close bioware.

  16. This is definitely Bioware’s last game. The Battlefront 2 loot box backlash has shredded Ea’s tainted reputation and shown how greedy they truly are to the masses. Unfortunately because of this, Anthem will “fail to sell” due to Ea’s crazy high expectations and due to fans distrust of the company. Bioware will be shut down. This is Visceral 2.0       RIP Bioware 2018

  17. Haven’t bought an EA game in over 10 years and I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing out.

  18. *“Just Cosmetics“*

  19. EA Economic Arts

  20. EA want to re-earn my trust they can revive every company they’ve destroyed.

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