An Unbiased, Ubisoft Sponsored Far Cry Primal Review.

The following video is my opinion and doesn’t represent the views of Ubisoft or its affiliates…as it shouldn’t.


  1. Without actual, detailed commentary, your point is overwhelmingly lost to
    the din of other shite “opinions” that serve more as community passwords
    than intellectual unpacking of cultural artifacts. For example, you claimed
    very little playtime, yet made supposedly “honest” criticisms of a story
    that didn’t make sense to you. This criticism is overwhelmingly false.

    You tried to make a point, yet only made the point that you’re a terrible
    whore. You’re getting paid for sex, and you spent the whole time
    complaining about feminist ideals while penis was inside you. That’s the
    grand result of what you thought was biting social commentary. A nasty
    whore that doesn’t respect himself enough to turn down the money, and
    thinks he can pass off 7th-generation videogame slurs to highlight…..his
    own terrible whore work.

    Did you get the analogy to prostitution yet? If you want to comment on this
    aspect of games advertising, you can’t actually take the money dumbass.
    Your false criticisms will only drive actual number of units sold. You are
    already in the machine, claiming otherwise. It’s fucking absurd.

  2. Oh so you’re worth $10K? That’s good to know.

  3. Huggbees. Thanks for this video. Oh btw got that sweet sub :>

  4. your channel and reviewing skills are mediocre

  5. Far Cry 3 > Far Cry 2 > Far Cry 4 > Far Cry Blooddragon > Far Cry 1 > Far
    Cry Primal

  6. The dislikes are just idiots that didn’t actually watch the full vid lol

  7. So, you didn’t like it?

  8. I can’t play Ubisoft games because they make me motionsick.

  9. why not rent the game or resale once done playing? i already beat this
    game, i got it for $55 used on amazon and resold for $48 on craiglist. the
    world is too small compared to far cry 4 and far cry 3. this is similar to
    blood dragon.

  10. This was really great.

  11. That was a rollercoaster that I just didn’t want to get off

  12. Far Cry is a dead franchise since the second game

  13. will be taken offline

  14. Nick “nfarrell01” Farrell

    finally someone tells the truth about ubisoft’s game

  15. 10/10 ending would lol again :)

  16. this was great hahaha

  17. I’m actually enjoying primal but this video was gold

  18. Wtf is your problem guys? Buy it, or let it.i buyed it and i am happy. i
    give a 8/10. you always say: ööh, ubisoft releases the same shit as last
    year,ööh.So what? If you dont like it, wait 5years. But you cant, thats
    your (and myne sometimes) problem. We need to buy everything cause we are
    stupid. They say: new Farcry!! you say:i want that! And i learned: play the
    game by yourself, cause everyone plays different. I bet some games you dont
    like cause youtubers you watched dont play it like you would do. I like
    primal, i liked fc3, but i dont played fc4. Maybe thats why i like primal.
    So, i think, when you played fc4, better let it and buy the next one.

  19. I couldnt stop laughing and smiling through out this video….(small loan


  21. primero

  22. You tried.

  23. “the combat is uninspired..”
    -closes video

  24. True story

  25. there you go

  26. I really don’t think I will like this game. I like Farcry because of the
    guns, raiding of the bases, being stealthy, and for the character
    progression. Story is usually pretty good, too.

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