An Epic Problem (The Jimquisition)

The conversation surrounding the Epic Games Store has officially gotten effing nasty. People are mad at Epic’s behavior, but that anger is spilling into areas it really shouldn’t, and legit criticism of Epic is getting lost in the noise.

Ultimately, the problem with Epic Games is Epic Games. Well… that and the economics supporting Epic’s business tactics. This is especially true knowing that Epic is enacting a double standard to pressure indie developers into taking its deal.

Indie devs deserve some slack here, for all the hate they’re getting. Dumping on them isn’t helping. Let’s bring the focus back to Epic and the playground Epic’s cavorting in.


  1. Woah, I had no idea Epic may refuse to sell your game if you refused their exclusivity. That’s a whole new level of petiness. What a grotty little company.

    May it rot.

  2. Wait, people with legit complaints about the behavior and the ethics of people and companies are getting lumped in with morons who use death threats, and other dogpiling behavior? That has never happened before in the gaming industry.

  3. Meritocracy in Capitalism… hahahaha! Buy them out and let them eat ?!

  4. Daily reminder that Fortnite’s entire revenue stream is from manipulating children and stealing money from unwitting parents.

  5. On point of the whole “Epic Exclusivity ” thing I can’t help but mention that a lot of people including myself aren’t hateful towards the idea that developers want to earn money, too. A game is generally better when people can work on it without fears or discomfort and a good revenue cut helps people who are scared of being homeless do a better job without anxiety.

    The problem is HOW you justify this move. Borderlands completely harrassed and spit on the players who were displeased with the move, Ooblets decided to try and be philosophical about it, etc.
    Just do what a normal person would do and get off your high horse if you’re a developer in this sort of situation. You’re not above everyone else and you’re not below everyone else. Be transparent in your decision and don’t fuck over people either. If your game is a kickstarter game you have no right to complain about people confronting you when months before you said it would come to Steam and suddenly it’s “COUGH COUGH UM STEAM? UHHHH MAYBE IN 2024!”. Seriously, how hard can it be to just say “We are sorry to announce to the people who looked forward to the release of our game on [Platform name]. The revenue cut we receive from Epic Games is simply better for our company and really helps us as developers make an affordable living off of doing what we love. It’s understandable if most of you are disappointed by this move, but we hope you can understand the reason for our decision.”? It’s ALWAYS some CEO fucktard going on Twitter being like “YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK STEAM I LOVE EPIC SUCK MY DICK YOU MAD?” and then everyone is tooooooooooootally shocked that gamers HATE Epic Games. This exclusivity deal brings out the worst in people on BOTH sides and if people treated this decision with more respect for both the customer AND the company it wouldn’t even be bad. This is why people who represent a company negatively should be FIRED from said company. COUGHGearboxCOUGH.

  6. Tim Sweeney and Randy Pitchford must be bunk buddies.
    If you insult Epic by not accepting exclusivity deals, you are being ostracized from their ecosystem entirely.

  7. Buy games on GOG. If it ends up shutting down you can download the DRM free installer and have the game forever.

    Problem solved!

  8. I unsubbed just so I can subscribe again.
    My work here is done. *tips hat*

  9. I want GOG to become a major player. i would gladly move over there with my games etc. Heck they have a system that moves some steam games to their own storefront. THAT is good CS.

  10. “You will have our full support… *when you bend the knee.* ”

    (I know, long past relevant at this point, but whatever.)

  11. originalscreenname44

    Hey, Jim, as a complete Epic hater I don’t disagree with a single word you’ve said. Keep up the good work.

  12. You really couldn’t come up with a joke for those gloves, when your past TWO videos were dedicated to sweet casino buffet crab!!

    Lol great as always

  13. Jim, because you asked nicely, I have licked and circumscribed your video.

  14. I think the only thing I can’t help but consider against, is the situation with Ooblets.
    I don’t endorse the harrassment and the lies of course. I’m a normal reasonable person, at least I like to think so.
    But most regular people are understanding towards Indie Devs for taking that deal. It’s rather short term in hindsight, but understandable. (Although you can definitly argue that it gives certain devs an out and makes me think they have no faith in their product actually doing well on its own.)

    But the Ooblets devs set up a lot of this toxicity themselves. From their condecending original announcement, which lumped in genuine critcism with arguements that completely miss the point, to their responses to anyone who supported them via Patreon before this game was a thing. Such great takes like “You’re not entitled to a game.” Well that’s fine. But you’re not entitled to an audience and their money either. You’re not entitled to instant success because you made something.

    And such a response to someone asking a genuine question about their country not being fully supported by Epic is just unnesercary, rude and uncalled for.

    Once again though, I don’t endorse the full on harrassment, obviously. But you can’t throw stones and not expect some kind of large backlash. They could have just been upfront about their desire and need and that’s it. Some people would have been mad and upset, sure. But they brought so much of this attention on themselves with how they acted which ended up bringing the crazies along with them.

    I just don’t think it’s fair to claim Ooblets are innocent of this and didn’t become the cause of their own shitshow. One they could have easily avoided if they weren’t such arrogant assholes about it.

  15. So.. Steam or Epic?
    Answer: GOG

  16. Have you seen Respawn Dev talking to the fan base over the cosmetic ordeal? It would make a good follow up video.

  17. Gog and Steam. Nothing else will be used on my PC.

    And regarding Ion Fury dev’s comments:
    Read the article and see the screenshots.
    They did nothing wrong stating that there is something wrong with parents making the decision that their children are trans AT BIRTH.

  18. Hi, developer of DARQ here – thank you for sharing my story at 10:15

  19. Northern Perspective

    I didn’t like and subscribe because you asked.
    I liked and subscribed because I got to watch a grown man turn offer a pull-string light while wearing crab claws and I found that absolutely delightful.

  20. Don’t believe everything they say online about In Fury. YOU YOURSELF SHOULD KNOW THIS!!

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