Amnesia: Rebirth – Forgettable Frights (Jimpressions)

Amnesia: Rebirth isn’t a bad game, but it doesn’t live up to the series for which it’s titled. While billed as a direct sequel to The Dark Descent, it feels further removed from that than the indirect chapter, A Machine for Pigs.

It’s got some nice monster designs, and it’s a decent enough horror game, but it fails to stand out amongst the sea of scary games that landed in the ten years since The Dark Descent influenced a genre.


  1. I gotta agree with the title. 4/10 spooks for me. 9/10 story tho.
    Especially the emphasis on Old Arabic and Islamic Spirits and Djinn lore is kinda refreshing to see in a stale genre full of poltergeists and eldrich beings. No offence to either of those.
    Full bias.

  2. Jim: “This is Amnesia”
    Me: “My God!”
    Jim: “It’s a video game”
    Me: “Noooo. . .”

  3. Gee, YouTube. It would have been nice to know one of my favorite creators had a new video. At least you let me know Lindsay Ellis was getting Digital Homicide’d by wolf porn.

  4. Ah yes, the death stranding “look at the baby” mechanic

  5. Seems like the game really needs a battle pass to make it more rewarding!

  6. i mean, the og destroyed the internet. hard to follow up

  7. Feels more like an adventure game than a horror game. Some of the frights were genuinely good, but that was very few and far between.

  8. The game does the buildup and atmospheric perfectly in the entire first third of the game up into the fort section, but it never gets better than that. I’d say the game is more of a thriller than a horror, because the scares are so few and far between, but the sound design, story and visuals are very good. I’d also like to point out that a lot of effort was put into visual storytelling, which is great for buildup, especially in your first encounter with the monster.

    Its a decent game, but it isn’t what people expected/wanted, so its been trashed by some people who are too stuck in nostalgia for the original.

  9. Aleksander Gullanger

    youtube really doesn’t like darkness. The size of these pixels would give the Atari a run for its money.

  10. I know you won’t see this but its nice to see you back doing some Jimpressions!

  11. Finally someone saying it…the game is meh at best.
    Just okay.

  12. Ah, yes, the return of the “entire screen is black” the video game. Loved “watching” let’s plays where nothing was ever visible, lol.

  13. I somehow expected it’ll turn out to be like this.

  14. So you’re telling us that a major mechanic in this game is _literal_ navel-gazing?

  15. My main problem with Rebirth is what 80% of horror games do wrong nowadays, how are you supposed to fill immersed and scared, when every 5 seconds the protagonist says shit like “I need to find a light”, ” What happened here?”, “Oh my god!”

  16. what we wanted: scary game
    what we got: story driven game

    It wasnt bad, the fort was amazing and i kinda wish they’d stuck with the fort and elaborated on it. But it never really got that scary after that so it just kinda dragged on.

  17. “It isn’t memorable…” I see what you did there. 😆

  18. Maybe it’s time for Frictional Games to try another diversion. Remember SOMA? SOMA was bloody brilliant.
    Though act to to follow because of how unique it was, but existential dread and the very realistic doomed fate of the human race is still a significantly under-explored topic.

  19. I too, look at my round belly when I need to calm down. I’m not pregnant, tho. I’m just a chunky dude.

  20. A forgettable amnesia game. How ironic.

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