ALL MY HOMIES HATE KEVIN! MW2 (Epic Noob Tube, Funny Moments & Fails) With Friends!

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!


  1. Leave a like for Kevin LOL

  2. Tyler whiny baby over here 1:36

  3. @tee_isfun

  4. where is vannos?

  5. funy jojo reference when narancia, mista and abbachio kicks a random rich guy

  6. Muhammad Faizal Bin Saharudin
  7. Everybody was smacking Kevin.But Delirious was focusing on the win.. I like that. Keep up the Great Work H2O.

  8. *The whole banana bus crew is in the video*

  9. i like how the thumbnail is a jojo references

  10. Do a video of mw 2019 campaign so you can go play new one

  11. Yo Delirious, how are you my dude? I remember watching you since before you started making The Culling videos, it’s been hell of a journey and seeing you become a dad is mind blowing, congrats on the baby

  12. 14:11 u ignore ur fan what a rudeeeee

  13. Is the thumbnail a jojo reference

    If so did you know Disney owns it now

  14. Need more of mw for sure

  15. I like that delirious is playing cod again mad I hope he continues.

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