Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Bugs Within Bugs

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a game I can’t stop playing. However, it is a bad game. A very bad game. A very bad game that I think I like?

Hard not to think about The Sinking City right now.

Anyway, it’s got Xenomorphs in it. They’re the least threatening bugs this game has.


  1. Yes!! Another jimpression, another day saved 🙂

  2. Yup. Pretty much what I did expected

  3. Seems like the faults always seem to find you Jim!

  4. I see the fun of it but I’m over games like this. Go here get hoard mode. Go there. Get another hoard mode. Congrats you won.

  5. Jim is my favorite Disney Princess 💜

  6. Is it still a better game than Colonial Marines though?

  7. This is a perfect example of this generation, too many of these wannabe developers trying to get into game development when they dont know shit

  8. Nothing you showed with the bugs has been my experience at all. Like not one and i have over 9 hours

  9. Shame you are having these issues, alot of streams I have watched on this game have been fine.

  10. I await the obligatory “It’s still better than Colonial Marines”

  11. I love Aliens. I like pretty much anything with Xenos gets a pass from me. So long as it’s better than AvP:Requiem, I’ll have fun.

  12. I have an average PC and really haven’t had that many bugs and I have 20 hours in so far.

  13. perfect intro !

  14. Grand Funk Master Chief

    It’s been eight years since Aliens: Colonial Marines.



    The fact that the gaming industry learned fuck-all from past mistakes is all the more damning. It’s even worse when they make bigger mistakes on top of the past ones.

  15. I think the only glitch that I experience a decent amount is the sound of the pulse rifle disappears at some point in a mission and only comes back once the mission is finished

  16. Why couldn’t they just make Alien Isolation 2… literally no one was asking for another Colonial Marines, not one person wanted a repeat of that terrible disaster, yet here it is…

  17. Ah, so making a multi-player Alien game is ALWAYS a bad idea, got it

  18. Buggy? Yes. Fun? Hell yes. I’m all in on this game.

  19. I had this fishing game on PS2, pro bass or something like that. It was, without a doubt, total SHIT.
    I played it for 75 hours.

  20. Give me Isolation 2: The Alienation

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