Aliens: Colonial Marines – Game Over, Randy! (The Jimquisition)

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Randy Pitchford recently boasted about avoiding a lawsuit regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whether or not Gearbox Software should have been sued for it is irrelevant – Randy has never explained himself nor the lies told, and never said sorry.

In this quick--forget industry, Gearbox Software may be sitting pretty comfortably, happy to have wriggled out of trouble for of gaming’s shameful releases. For some of us, however, it’s never game over, Rand. It’s never game over.


  1. Jim, you aren’t allowed to say bad things about Colonial Marines! If video game developers didn’t exist, you wouldn’t have a job, and that makes the exempt from all criticism!

  2. Sorry Jim, but the handle doesn’t count. That there is a (more or less) 3 foot dildo.

  3. Colonial Marines did something good!…. it made me stop pre-ordering games since 2013 onward

  4. I still can’t believe that Creative Assembly, who were only really known for Total War beforehand, managed to make such a stellar horror game in Alien: Isolation with the most exquisite sound design and fantastic visuals! Who knew?

  5. Its appropriate that you slapped the alien at the end, sort of like Randy did during the development of Colonial Marines

  6. The ironic part is that he ends up looking like Handsome Jack; crying about how he’s the hero while continuing a crusade of crap against the actual victims.

  7. President Jyrgunkarrd

    Pitchford is a pickpocket. He has stolen artwork from multiple artists, with no accompanying credit (and obviously no payment), and put said stolen art into his for-profit projects. When challenged on the matter, he cites bullshit like being ‘inspired’ by the art, which somehow apparently means he can use it without credit / payment / anything (somehow I doubt that Gearbox would be totally fine with someone taking their properties and using them without credit / payment / anything because they were ‘inspired’). 

    The worst part is that a piece of shit like Pitchford knows that there is no real recourse for an artist whose work is stolen like that. Can the artist fight them in court over it? Sure. But that’s expensive, and it jeopardizes said artist’s ability to get new work as they’ll then have a reputation for being litigious.

  8. mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]

    To give a reference for how bad Duke Nukem Forever is I recently walked into a gaming store that still for some reason had them in stock and they were selling all of the copies they had left at $1 each. The game is so bad that they couldn’t even give them away.

  9. ” I am infallible, a bit like the pope but with a bigger dildo”
    -Jim Sterling 2015

  10. Randy Pitchford, such a smeghead.

  11. Dark Mountain Productions

    What’s worse, Randy stated that the game needed to sell at least 3 million copies in order to break even. Not make a profit, to break even. That means the game cost roughly 160 million dollars to make. That’s more than the combined budget of all of the four Alien films, more than Prometheus’s budget, and more than twice the budget of the two Aliens Vs Predator films. What were they doing with all that money? Metal Gear Solid 4 didn’t cost that much to make, and that used an in house engine, not an outsourced one.

  12. One thing that pissed me off the MOST about this ridiculous situation is how Gearbox cheerfully threw Timegate under the bus for the whole thing, which led to good people losing their jobs when the studio shut down as a result. They didn’t deserve that.

  13. Randy spoke only to people who praised the game? Must be a lonely conversation.

  14. I’m confused…why didn’t they just make a good game, instead?

  15. Several thousand Bees

    It’s alright, Jim. Randy later paid through the nose with battleborn. Yeah, it sucks that gearbox got shit sales on a game they actually tried with, but it works together nicely with colonial marines, the commercial success with hardly a smidge of effort put in.

  16. And then No Mans Sky happened.

  17. Alex Everett-last

    “Like the pope, but with a bigger dildo”
    ~ Jim Sterling.

  18. I find it hilarious that he mentions Randy doesn’t let things go. Its now September 2017, and Pitchford is still upset that Jim has made this video. All he’s doing is rehashing it and bringing people back to watch this 2 and a half year old video to remind themselves of what he did. Good job Randy, for putting more lights on this!

  19. Who’s that one guy? Kinda big, lies a lot, blames Sega, put development money into their own projects and made sock puppet accounts to make himself feel better? Ah well.

  20. YongYea brought me here.

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