Agents of Mayhem Review – Agents Of Maybe Later

is a passably amusing shackled forever to the fact it’s less than its peers in every single way.


  1. Why am I watching a review for a game I know I will never buy?? Because Jim. Always Jim. 100 days Jim.

  2. It’s published by deep silver, how good could it possibly be

  3. DH ARE BACK (maybe)

  4. Nice! instead of crybaby joe show #jimfuckingsterlingson delivers a pretty good review

  5. Seems like the game is garbage

  6. Great review Jim!

    I wonder if this game would have been better with co-op. In my opinion, that is where Saints Row was very strong.

  7. I still want to check it out. I didn’t like Saints Row 3 and 4 as much as 2, but the powers were still fun to use. I wouldn’t mind dicking around in a new map.

  8. So it’s good for a buy when the price drops?

  9. Uranus jokes? So maybe this half-baked game is suited for people that are half baked themselves.

  10. Loot boxes that aren’t powered by microtransactions? I never thought I’d see the day in the modern game industry.

  11. man it looks like a SR3 engine 🙁

  12. The story of a Saints Row game that was barely changed to not be a Saints Row game. It feels like Gat Out Of Hell all over again, where Volition got sidetracked by purple halfway through development of a different IP. It’s been six years now and they’ve yet to make something that doesn’t feel like it should’ve been an optional game mode or DLC for Saints Row: The Third. It’s making me want to just go back to modding Saints Row: The Third, actually.

    EDIT: Oleg and Pierce are in this game. That puts the final nail in the coffin. Volition’s afraid people won’t try their new IPs.

  13. The wikicrawl I just did to see if Uranus is actually Greek showed me that the planets are named after both Roman and Greek deities. I figured it was all Roman

  14. It actually annoys me that what I’ve seen from this game thinks a fake, unfunny Deadpool rip-off character is actually humorous. Uranus jokes were funny when I was in elementary school. If you want to go humorous, you have to be original.

    Attempts at jokes aside, the gameplay is just as lacking. I would never pay full price for a game like this because the trailer shows how half-assed this game was. Volition isn’t big enough to rely strictly on their name.

  15. Looks fun maybe get when prive drops to 20$

  16. Stephen Mc Devitt

    Agents of Mayhem looks more like Republican Space Rangers in the GTA games as in it might work as something short but sweet, not as a fully fledged game. At least there’s Hellblade when the patch comes out.

  17. Literally uranus.

  18. Sad, but I’ll still get it when it goes on sale !

  19. uranus my AAAAAASSSSSSS, it’s a 1 if i can’t run it on my gtx 960m

  20. Alex Everett-last

    At this point I’m willing to try it just because it doesn’t have any micro transactions…

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