Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer

It’s to battle through history once more in the latest entry of the landmark Age of Empires franchise.



  1. Tywin talking about fire and blood…

  2. Don’t get too excited guys, I can tell from the trailer it will be a 2D side-scroller spin off.

  3. @Microsoft you can’t wololo us to Windows 10..

  4. Was hoping for a legit Age of Mythology remake but this is no doubt awesome

  5. Windows 10 exclusive. No thanks.

  6. 0:37 James Franco

  7. How about you don’t limit the game to windows 10 users, controlling the ladder like this is only going to anger people into not buying the game to make a point. I refuse to change my operating system from Windows 7, the superior OS, to Windows 10 just for a game, even if it is AoE4.

  8. RIP ALL GAMES !!!

  9. Isn’t it Tywin Lannister speaking?

  10. oyunda turkler var midir la acaba yine

  11. I am so psyched knowing that my fav franchise is alive and kicking again.

    *AoE II and AoE III getting 4K remasters as well.* I’m talking total makeover, not just HD version.

  12. A new age will come…

    The Age of the Great Wars

  13. Age of Mithology >>>>>>>>>> Age of Empires

  14. There was an Age of Empires 3? WTF

  15. Where are the Ottomans? One of the best playable Folk in AOE 3

  16. yüz binlerce türk oyuncusu olmasına rağmen türk yorum göremedim

  17. But will it run on Windows 98?

  18. The Lannisters send their regards.

  19. please it have to be about the first/second World War, it will awesome. i´ve waiting for this by a long time

  20. The narrator sounds a little bit like morgen freeman xD

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