Age Appropriate Xenomorphs (Heaving Toychest)

ItR;s the pilot episode of Stephanie Sterling’s Heaving Toychest. It’s just a show where we at stupid toys, biggie. But hey, we have lots of Aliens stuff if you like figures that are totally appropriate for your kids!

I mean… they included the dog. The DOG!


  1. ngl, that VCR aesthetic was legit.

  2. The bio-terror of HR Giger, now for the whole family!

  3. That old school intro has filled me with nostalgia

  4. Someone really had fun editing this. Its great.

  5. Alexander Diogenes

    I like referring to them as J.S. Sterling because it sounds incredibly posh. Like a 19th century writer.
    Edit: Also, Salad Tossing Queen Alien is very, very good.

  6. Holy crap that opening segment threw me back to the 80’s.

  7. Matthew MacDonald

    “Heaving (Toy)Chest”

    We see what you did there, Stephanie.

  8. This is my new favorite bit. Move over cornflakes homunculus, HeavingToyChest has come to town.

  9. I feel like this should be done on an old brown couch…

  10. When are they going to talk about the figures’ frame rates?

  11. “It’s xenomorphs~”
    -James Stephanie Sterling, 2021

  12. “A Very Useful Egg” – James Stephanie Sterling’s House Words

  13. This is not entirely my thing, but I want to watch you talk about things that make you happy, so I’ll give it a shot!

  14. Joker Productions

    Here to support your content, algorithm and magical transition you absolute class act.

  15. “I’m gonna get it out and have a good old fiddle with it”
    *spits out drink*

  16. “It’s not a midlife crisis,” -Mx. Sterling

  17. “This one has gone proper dairy,” is not a line i ever expected to hear in regards to a Xenomorph. But I dig it.

  18. Somewhere someone is having a breakdown after seeing Steph rip up all the original packaging.

  19. maybe its wrong to say, but i love how your transition is so idgaf. youre using both names, and just being whoever you want to be. its kinda freeing by proxy, even though i have no gender qualms personally… its just nice to see someone else throwing off reigns

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